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I'm sorry about the slacking in reviews, but I promise to pick up the pace again! Now, for the news:

Tales of Graces Anthology Drama CD
I'm not entirely sure what I'm supposed to picture when something is called an anthology drama CD (I only know comic anthologies), But frontierworks is releasing a Tales of Graces Anthology Drama CD. It looks like this drama CD will center on gag stories.

Speaking of Tales, there are two drama/DJ CD's only on sale at Comiket 80. One for Tales of Symphonia, and one for Tales of Vesperia. From the description it looks like they will be part radio/DJ and part drama.

Warumono (warai) series
Last week I reported a possible new warai series, and now that I've finally found the official warai homepage again I have some more info on it.

Warumono (warai) series tells a few stories from the viewpoint of the villain. There are two CDs planned, 'Oni' (demon) and Ookami (wolf). The Oni one has stories like Momotarou and Issun Boushi from the viewpoint of the demon. The Ookami one answers the question 'what if the wolf from Red Ridinghood, the Seven Little Goats, and the Three little Piggies would be the same wolf?'.

Allow me to go kyaaaaaaa~! a new warai series!!!!.  Thank you, I won't do it again. I promise.

Toki no Superhero vol.4
It has been a while since the last installment in the Toki no Superhero was released, but part 4 is on its way! 刻の男組(スーパーヒーロー) 第4弾 チビッコ☆一寸法師 (Toki no Superhero Vol.4 Chibikko Issun Boushi) will be part four in this brilliant series. Suzumura Kenichi will voice Issun Boushi. Miyata Kouki, Suwabe Junichi, Maeno Tomoaki, Namikawa Daisuke, and Seki Tomokazu amongst others will also voice roles.

Yandere Heaven vol.4
Ooooh yes!! Finally! I knew it had to come!! *cough* I mean, Yandere Heaven will soon see its fourth entry to the series. Once again the characters and setting changes, and two new yandere admirers are introduced. This time your fiance (CV: Kakihara Tetsuya) and your butler (CV: Morikawa Toshiyuki) will be the ones longing for your affection.

At the birthday party of your childhood friend Makoto, the announcement of your engagement suddenly becomes the main event. Unfortunately you yourself didn't know this was going to happen. And to make things even better (or worse) you start living together starting the next day. Of course, your butler Minase also moves in....

it looks like you are a wealthy young lady this time. Aaaah, but a butler, a yandere butler...! they sure know how to keep me happy. The release is set for 2011.08.12.

Kannou Jikan vol.5
I was already speculating about it last week, but animate actually lists it so that means that Kannou Jikan 5 is a fact. 感応時間5 ~タナトスの兄弟~ (Kannou Jikan 5 ~thanathos no kyoudai~) is listed for a 2011.08.12 release. I'm still contemplating whether or not I'm actually going to listen to it...

over at the perabu blog they have been teasing a new character for the upcoming drama CD. Hiiragi Satoshi teaches math and has been a friend of Sakakibara-sensei since university. Usually he has a peaceful and warm personality, but once he snaps he can say the scariest things with a smile on his face. Exactly what his role in the upcoming drama CD will be is still unclear though.

Pasta Maffia
After frontierworks their "Menkui! Gijinka Ramen" in which various ramen were depicted as people, a new entry in which various types of pasta are all part of a larger maffia family. (gijinka means making something human, ie: depicting inanimate objects as humans for example). Pasta antropomorphication x maffia = a colorful family. Weirdness and hilarity guaranteed, and to be released on 2011.10.26

Fujoshi no Totsugukata
or in other words, how to marry a fujoshi. Just when you were thinking about marrying, 5 ikemen butlers suddenly show up to try and help you. Of course their conversations are going to be full of BL moe. Normally I try to stay away from most things BL related, but this sounds too interesting. That and the fact that Sakurai Takahiro is in this (as a butler!!) just made this a must listen for me. Release date is set for 2011.09.22.

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