Hougen Renai 5

方言恋愛 5

Company: Movic
Based on: Original
Released: 2011.05.19
Official Site: http://www.animate.co.jp/special/hougen/

Hougen Renai translates into something as 'Dialect Love', which is exactly what it is. Hougen Renai tells two stories, each one takes place in a different part of Japan. The whole charm of the series is that the dialect of the location where the story supposedly takes placed is used. This volume has two new prefectures; Kagawa and Fukushima.

In the Kagawa story the heroine (CV: Fukuen Misato) tranfers to the Kagawa branch office from Tokyo. There she meets her new direct superior, Yamaji Masanao (CV: Nakamura Yuuichi). Yamaji is known to be very strict, which immediately shows in his attitude. When a senpai (CV: Nabei Makiko) suggests that the heroine takes a well deserved day off after a while, she does so... only to bump into Yamaji. And so she ends up spending the day with him.

I love this story!! And Fukuen Misato sounds so cute trying to be a hardworking office lady! The dialect was easy to understand, and to me it sounds very warm and kind. While Yamaji is a strict superior, he also seems very kind. He doesn't ask impossible things and he also gives praise where appropriate.

The Fukushima story centers on the heroine (CV: Sawashiro Miyuki) who lived in Fukushima for a year as a teenager and who now returns there as a teacher. There her friend Atsumi Momoka (CV: Nagasawa Miki) takes her to the cafe of her former classmate Kaname Takaya (CV: Matsukaze Masaya). The heroine is surprised at how much Kaname has changed from how he was at highschool, but after a little while she starts to visit his cafe more often...

The dialect was a bit harder to understand in this story, but still not that hard. storywise it wa so-so. Although it was nice to hear how another female plays a major role (at least in the beginning) instead of the focus being just on the heroine. It is not that the story isn't that interesting, but it is sort of generic.

I absolutely love the first story, the second story is not as good but still very decent. I don't know where I would place it between the other Hougen Renai CDs, but it doesn't rally matter because I can still wholeheartedly recommended it to everyone.

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