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I can't think of a good introduction so here comes the news!

Fluffy Bunny
More interesting Doujin Works are coming! The circle Fluffy Bunny, whom I've heard work from before (I owe you a review) is releasing new stuff.

First up is a second entry to their KareKoe series. The first one was released over a year ago, but now a second entry is on its way and will be released on 2011.07.21. KareKoe is a drama CD in which your boyfriend calls you in various situations. The first CD featured a boyfriend that you are living together with, this second CD features a boyfriend who is your... tutor?! Apparently you caught a cold and your boyfriend (CV: Taniyama Kishou) calls to check whether you are OK. Akso included are various short tracks for other situations (your birthday, Christmas, etc)

And in August  ほかほかツンデレ温泉 (hokahoka tsundere onsen) will be released. In this CD your Tsundere boyfriend (CV: Takahashi Hiroki) takes you on an onsen trip. Normally your boyfriend doesn't talk that much, but he opens up to you during this trip. The different tracks are various situations during your trip (the way there, sightseeing, at the inn, etc). The CD is set to be released on 2011.08.25.

Aishite ageru, nya!
I seem to have an eye for weird stuff xD

Frontierworks has a new series coming up, and this time they turn you into... a pet?!!? 愛してあげるニャ! -僕のペット- (aishite ageru nya! boku no petto, I'll love you meow! -my pet-) turns you into a cat while you spend a day with your owner, Keiichi (CV: Ishida Akira). This is the first vol, although no other entries to the series have been announced yet. The CD will be on sale at Comiket 80, and in stores on 2011.09.14

New (warai) series?
No official site yet, but the release list on the frontierworks homepage lists わるもの(笑)シリーズ 鬼編 (warumono (warai) series oni-ban) with a 2011.09.22 release date. And Animate also lists わるもの(笑)シリーズ 狼編 (warumono (warai) series ookami-ban) for a 2011.10.26 release.

Putting 1 and 1 together, this means that there is another warai series on its way!! "warumono" means something like an evil person or antagonist. "oni" and "ookami" mean demon and wolf, so I suppose we will have a funny take on evil demons and wolves? Whatever the content, I am all for a new addition to the warai family!!

Abuse with love...
And more weirdness from frontierworks...For the true do-M people under us, frontier works brings us 愛ある罵倒!! (ai aru batou!! Abuse with love). From the description I gather that the CD has three different situations in which you are at the mercy of someone. The situations are: 'Teacher and Student', 'Incubus and Human' and 'Master and Pet' (it took me a while to find out that 淫魔 can be read as Incubus, blasted creative readings). Animate lists Tachibana Shinosuke, Morikawa Toshiyuki, and Yasumoto Hiroki as the seiyuu for the respective stories.

罵倒 can mean abuse or punishment. imagine the way 'punishment' is used in S&M and you are probably on the right track....

There is nothing much to be seen at the official page yet, but I expect it will be opened soon. What can I say? I hereby declare frontierworks king of weird drama CD's....  I'm not even sure whether I have the courage to listen to this.

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