Shuukan Soine CD Vol.6 - Kazuya


Company: Black Butterfly
Based on: Original
Released: 2011.07.01
Official Site: http://www.blackbutterfly-cd.com/short/

Shuukan Soine is a CD in which your boyfriend cuddles next to you in bed and talks with you  until you fall asleep. After the first 4 original entries to the series two more followed, and this is the last one (for now).

The first track starts with Kazuya (CV: Toriumi Kousuke) answering a work related phone call. When he comes back to bed (why on earth does someone call that late?!) you pretend to be asleep. He isn't fooled though and eventually manages to make you give up the act. You talk a bit about his shop (he just became shop manager in a clothing store) and semi-making plans for a date.

Like in every other Shuukan Soine, Kazuya reads a story from a picture book for you. This time the story is about a rose made out of glass, that loves all the admiration it gets. Someday someone accidentally breaks it, and just as they are about to throw it away someone says she'll take the rose home and picks up the pieces. At this point you've fallen sleep so he stops reading the story, making me curious to how it ends. (especially because he says he "wants you to sleep with a happy feeling, so he'll stop reading", meaning that the story actually has a sad end?)

Kazuya is maybe one of the most mature boyfriends in this series. Jin (from vol.2) is also more mature, but he teases you much more. To me, Kazuya was definitely the sweetest one. Someone find me a boyfriend like this please

In the freetalk Toriumi-san pretty much to the questions that he has been given (the same ones everyone had). What is interesting though, is that he talks a bit about the dummy head microphone a bit. Apparently it has been around for years and years, but recently it is becoming popular for these kind of works. That, and that the dummy head is shaped like a man, so he hopes that they will make a female looking one~

This was a very nice final entry to the series. I'm kind of sad that it ends here, so I hope that they will continue again. Although, it might turn into more of the same, hmmm. Anyway, Kazuya is a very sweet boyfriend. He doesn't really have any quirks, but is the kind that give you a sort of simple happiness.

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