Oujisama (warai) series vol.01

王子様(笑)シリーズ ドラマCD第1巻

Company: Frontierworks
Based on: Fairy tales
Released: 2010.04.21
Official Site: http://www.fwinc.co.jp/princewww/princewww.php

Things are getting a bit odd with the review for vol.3 online but still no review for the first two. There are other series suffering from the same, but I'll get there sometime. Fore the time being: Oujisama (warai) vol.1!!

Oujisama (warai) re-tells the story from several well known fairy tales from the perspective of the prince. Only... somewhere along the way things changed a little bit. This first vol has three stories: Cinderella, Snow white, and Rapunzel.Each story is unrelated, but no-one really has a name in the actual story besides 'prince' or 'caretaker' so the descriptions might be a bit confusing (^-^;;)

The first one is Cinderella her prince (CV:Suzumura Kenichi), who has a weird obsession with weapons, and zero interest in women. His younger brother (CV: Takemoto Eiji) however has already found the love of his life, and because he can't marry before the prince marries he is set on getting him to marry. When the prince finally expresses interest in a young girl (Cinderella, duh) his younger brother is prepared to do anything to find the girl, including trying to deceive the prince.

The second story is Snow white, where our prince (CV: Nakai Kazuya) finds the dwarfs crying over Snow white her unmoving body. He falls completely in love with her, and promises the dwarfs to give her a proper burial (as the dwarfs themselves seem to lack a bit of common sense). However on the way to the castle Snow white wakes up, and the prince proposes to her. The only drawback here is that while Snow white may look like an angel, her personality has a bit of a dark side too...

The last story is that of Rapunzel her prince (CV: Ishida Akira). While they are lost in the forest, the prince and his servant (CV: Takemoto Eiji) find Rapunzel her tower. The prince is a bit of an airhead and always on cloud nine, so he climbs the tower. For a while they stay near the tower, and the prince climbs up every day. (They never say what happens up there, but we can all fill in the blanks ;). The ending is pretty much according to the original though.

The forth track is a zadankai (round-the-table-discussion) with the three princes still in character. We first hear their actual names. Rapunzel his name is impossibly long (Johan Willibart D. Franz-Paul Demidius von Shubart, I might have missed something there actually ) Snow white his name is Georg, and the prince from Cinderella is... 'Prince Charming' . After that there is a lot of truly hilarious random talk between the three about their respective brides.

After the in-character meeting there is an actual cast talk track. Apparently this was the first time Ishida-san heard any version of Rapunzel, so he actually thought it was this kind of story. Other than that they talk about 'fateful' encounters. The cast talk is somewhat divided into two parts. The recordings were done in two parts, Suzumura-san and Akira-san did their recordings together, and Nakai-san and Takemoto-san recorded together. Especially the second part is brilliant.

Hilarious, brilliant. I don't know a third word to summarize this drama CD. The overall way in which they twisted these stories is just brilliant, and the track in which the three princes talk with each other only makes it better. A good beginning to a wonderful series.


  1. I could only understand till the part where Shirayuki-san asked the princess to marry him T____T He seemed to be looking for the princess and she's with his mum in some basement or something I don't know and they saw something horrible and ahhhhh 何にもついていけねええええ。
    Care to shed some light on this? D:

    1. The final part is right before the wedding, and Snow White (the princess) her stepmother is one of the guests. Now obviously the two of them have a history, and they went to "talk" in the dungeons of the castle. We never get to know what Shirayuki sees when he comes to look for the princess, but it is heavily implied that whatever he saw wasn't very pretty (the stepmother dies a rather gruesome death in the original fairytale, which is probably a hint here).

      The reason why she is called "bakemono hime" is both because of the aforementioned scene, and the fact that she more or less came back from the dead xD

    2. The stepmother died in the original story? O_O I guess disney's version edited a lot of things for the kids T___T Like how I didn't know Rapunzel had kids!

      Ahh the coming back from the dead thing, the dwarves said she was killed but regained conciousness after a few days after taking some comb out or something?

      So... Shirayuki-san is afraid of snow white because she's like 不死身 and strong/he's afraid of getting killed by her?

    3. Disney altered a lot of things ;) You should read the original ones for fun, a lot of them are a lot more gruesome than you'd think (or don't even have a happy ending at all *cough*little mermaid*cough*).

      And yup, she "died" when she combed her hair with a poisoned comb (this is also from the original fairytale). She was probably only in a coma and just woke up, but somehow Shirayuki and his servant twist this into her being really dead and reviving, hence the 不死身 xD

      Shirayuki still loves her, but bottom line, yeah he is sort of scared of her as well xD. Their marriage seems to be a more or less happy one though (other CDs hint at this)