O.To.Na Gentei Kanbyou CD Karte 2

オ・ト・ナ限定 看病CD Karte 2

Company: Nihon Colombia
Based on: Original
Released: 2011.06.29
Official Site: http://columbia.jp/otonagentei/

Otono Gentei Kanbyou is a CD in which two different types of characters tend to you in various situations where you are sick/tired. Each CD has two (entirely) different types of characters, and each one has 5 situations. Everything is recorded with the dummy head microphone, so at times it sounds like they are whispering in your ear. This second CD has two characters that are more similar to each other than the first CD, an ore-sama type and kichiku type.

The first five tracks feature Toujou Takashi, an ore-sama type. Even though he is officially ore-sama, I'd actually say he is part tsundere. None the less he seems like a nice person to be around. He teases you and says he doesn't care, but when really needed he does take care of you. In order the different situations are: stomachache, toothache, motion sickness, feeling down, and a cold.

The last five tracks feature Shinonome Yuuya, a kichiku type. Completely true to his character setting he is mostly teasing you to the point of bullying you (kichiku means 'demon'). Somehow he still manages to get a few nice remarks in though. His situations are a cold, stomachache, feeling down, tiredness because of overwork, and toothache. Especially the last track was brilliant. At first he suddenly does a perfect boyfriend act, only to quit that and do a perfect job of making you scared of the dentist.

At first I was wondering whether these two wouldn't be two similar, but that isn't the case. The big difference here is that Toujou is basically nice but has a few tsundere traits, while Shinonome is simply a complete jerk who has a few nice moments. (basically that is what kichiku is, but hey). I like Toujou more, he also seems like someone who could actually be real.

Because of the character setting of these two this CD would have been more suited for the 'otona gentei' (adult only) part of the title, but just like the first CD it is just cute. Although in case of Shinonome I guess cute isn't the right description...

Again, I doubt it would help when you are sick (in case of Shinonome, I think it would actually make it worse). Personally I liked Toujou best, while Shinonome is being a bit too much of a jerk. Personal preference I suppose.

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