Weekly News Post

Not many news items to post about this week, and a little late, but here is the news~

Mousou Esthe IV
Somehow I completely managed to miss that Mousou Esthe IV will be released on 2011.07.27! It looks like Sugita Tomokazu will be making a return visit to the series, while Kondo Takeshi and Kaji Yuuki are new additions to the series.

Kondou Takeshi was already in Kannou Mukashibanashi, so I can say: I am looking forward to this! Mwahahaha. (Well, I'm looking forward to it regardless of the seiyuu~)

Bokutachi Otoko no Ko
A second drama CD has been confirmed for the series! In ドキドキ☆サマーハプニング 編 (dokidoki summer happening) we will follow our three idols to the beach where they have a recording for a tv show. No release date yet, but the CD will be on pre-sale on Comiket 80.

Fushigi Koubou Premium
Another thing I completely missed is that Fushigi Koubou Shoukougun Premium 2 will be released in a few days (June 22nd!!). What is interesting is that entry to the series will be voiced by Taketatsu Ayana. That's right!! The first entry in the series to be voiced by a female seiyuu!! Despite the fact that there are still some male seiyuu that I would love to see in the series (*cough*Hirakawa*cough) I'm looking forward to hearing a story voiced by a woman.

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