Kareshi Igai ~Douryou to no Ayamachi~


Company: Cineria (doujin)
Based on: Original
Released: 2011.05.13
Official Site: http://www.ike-men.net/

Once in a while you come across something that looks so weird and interesting that you just have to listen to it. Same with this here. Directly translating the title makes it sound funny, but you get something like "Someone other than your boyfriend ~Mistake with a Colleague~".

In other words.... cheating!?!? ∑(゚∇゚|||)
The description on the official site leaves no room for speculation either. "You've been living together with your very sweet boyfriend ever since university, but lately there is someone else on your mind. Some people might call it cheating, but is it cheating when your heart is serious? Will you choose your boyfriend or...?"

And so I had to see what kind of work this is.

The presentation of the story is pretty interesting. The story is told through conversations with the one you are cheating with, meaning your colleague. The tracks have been divided into 4 days, and one that is six months later. As this is supposed to be you (as listener) cheating, this is of course all just Ishida-san talking, but you get the idea.

The story starts in the smoking room in your company, where you are complaining about your boyfriend to Kouno Nozomi (CV: Ishida Akira), one of your colleagues. He has to get back to work though, so he promises to go for a drink together after work. That night a little too much alcohol results in you going home with him...

You're still there in the morning, so you decide to take the day off while he has to hurry to work. You meet up at the same Izakaya as the night before, but quickly decide to go back to his place. (I loved the overly cliche sentence Ishida-san got to use when you get back ヾ(>▽<). Of course however, your sweet time together has to end soon...

For a second I was afraid that the um, actual act of cheating would be included in the drama, but luckily there is a fade out at exactly the right moment. Now, I've never cheated so I have no idea whether this is a realistic representation, but it seems plausible enough. The only problem I have with the plot is that you stay over 2 nights, and apparently didn't inform your boyfriend. Not that I expect you to report that you are going to cheat, but if you live together with someone you can't just not come home for two nights straight without saying a word.

What I loved is how Ishida-san speaks. Not the standard, grammatically correct Japanese that you hear in most drama's but a far more conversational level, like how you actually speak with friends.

This certainly was an interesting work to listen to. Of course everyone always says "there is no way I would cheat!!" so this really has an interesting theme. A bit weird to listen too, best not to try and think about what you are going to listen to too much to avoid internal conflicts with your conscience (>▽<). And like Ishida-san says; let's keep the cheating to this CD (*゚∇^*)

On their twitter account one of the makers said that they want to continue this as a series. I'm curious to how things will go and secretly hoping that this interesting concept will continue.

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  1. This absolutely broke my heart, especially during the 6 Months Later track. D: Hnngh. Hnngh. But I really had to listen to it because of Ishida-san's voice.