Kannou Mukashi Banashi 7 - Nippon Mukashi Banashi

官能昔話 7  ~日本昔話~

Company: 5pb records
Based on: Japanese Folklore
Released: 2011.05.25
Official Site: http://5pb.jp/kannou/index.html

Finally, finally I've managed to review this. for more than 2 weeks I've been listening to this. The problem is, that I fell asleep every single time I listened to it. Most of the time I didn't even manage to listen to even one complete story...  orz

Kannou Mukashbanashi is a series that tells well known tales in a... slightly different way. Each volume usually contains several stories, all done by a different seiyuu. The series uses a special recording method called 3D dummy microphone, a microphone shaped like a head. using this technology you can hear the voice of the seiyuu as if they're talking right into your ear (when using headphones or earphones), and they've made sure that they talk very eroi.

Volume 7 is the first entry in season 2 of Kannou Mukashi Banashi. This does not change much to the series, except for one major thing: Inoue-san introducing an apprentice!! He announces that he saw the need to train new people to fulfill his role, and so he established a place where they can learn this.

This of course also means that he does the introduction together with someone. Masuda Toshiki is introduced as his apprentice, and they do the introduction together. "Masuda-kun" (as he is called by Inoue-san) obviously still has a lot to learn, but it is fun to hear him play that part. It might take a few moments to get used to though.

After the introduction however it is business as usual. Hino Satoshi does Urushima Tarou. The story is surprisingly loyal to the original, and I really liked it. Coincidentally, this is also the story I heard the most of them all, due to me usually falling asleep halfway through.

Fukuyama Jun does the story of the Cat Concubine. I was speculating about what kind of story it would be in a previous post, but my speculations were all wrong. In this story a hardworking but poor man takes in a kitten that as a thanks begins to help him with chores.

Maeno Tomoaki does the story of Hachikaburi-hime, which is about a poor girl that gets stuck with a pot on her head. Somehow I liked this one best, although it is a bit of a weird tale.

And finally all of them tell "Nezumi no Yomeiri" which is a tale about a family of mice searching a perfect husband for their beloved daughter. As always the last story is lighthearted and fun.

Having someone else do the introduction (even just partly) felt weird. I hope it is just a plot related thing and that Inoue-san is not really leaving, because Kannou Mukashi Banashi without Inoue-san just wouldn't be the same. Other than that this is a really nice addition to the series, and absolutely worth listening to.

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