Are you Alice? - Unbirthday scrap #001

Are you Alice? unbirthday scrap #001 : Dyna → Cheshire Cat

Company: IM Label
Based on: Original.
Released: 2008.02.29
Official Site: http://imlabel.jp/alice/

In Are you Alice a male Alice wanders into wonderland and is subsequently involved in 'the game to kill the white rabbit'. Alice his story is told in three drama CDs - Drink me, Check Mate, and Call me- but there are several expansions to the story.

The unbirthday series is one of those expansions. Aptly named, each entry tells us about the lives these characters used to live before the main story started (or in some cases, the events prior to the story). While they are a sort of prologue it is best to listen to them after you've listened to the main story, as you're assumed to know various things.

This also means there may be slight spoilers ahead.

The first unbirthday scrap is, maybe a little surprisingly, about Dyna. Dyna his life before and with Alice Liddel (CV: Nakahara Mai), and how he becomes the Cheshire Cat (CV: Inoue Kazuhiko). While I was first surprised that Dyna is the first character to be featured, it does make sense. The events in this drama are chronologically some of the first things that happen.

While it mostly gives us Dyna/ the Cheshire Cat his background story, it also sheds some light on Alice Liddel her life, and how the Cheshire Cat found Alice? (CV: Sakurai Takahiro) when he was thrown away.

Hearing the background story for these characters really helps to understand certain actions within the main story, and adds an extra layer of emotion to some events. In this case, the (already charismatic) Cheshire Cat becomes even more lovable.

 It is too bad that listening to the story in chronological order would be like someone filling you in on the gaps of story you don't know, but you'll want to listen to the main story again after listening to this. Only recommended for people who already know the series (or there will be too many things you don't understand) but if you do know the series this is a must.

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