Fushigi no Kuni no Alice ~Alice in Wonderland~

不思議の国のアリス~Alice in Wonderland~

Company: Momogre
Based on: Alice in Wonderland.
Released: 2011.05.26
Official Site: http://www.momogre.com/

This story is part of momo&grapes their "men's only" series, meaning that all characters are voiced by male seiyuu. The story is based on (the Japanese translation of) Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.

You know me, if something has 'alice' written on it I'm all over it. So when I found out that momogre would do an adaption of the original work I was super exited!

The story itself is so famous that it doesn't really need an explanation. This adaption is very loyal to the original story, so there isn't really much to explain for me there. (except that, well, it is very loyal to the original. And I love that). In fact, I think that they've actually used part of a translation as script, because most conversations seem to be exactly like how I remembered them. The Narration is of course original to this work.

The cast was fantastic as well. Kaji Yuuki is a super cute Alice, although no matter how hard I try he doesn't really sound like a girl to me. He sounds more like a young boy but still super cute and it somehow works so I am not complaining. The only voice I was uncomfortable with was that of the Cheshire Cat, who is voiced by Takeuchi Ken. Somehow his voice didn't suit my image of the Cheshire Cat. Then again I might just be too used to Inoue Kazuhiko as the Cheshire Cat from Are you Alice?

Another funny trivia about the Cheshire Cat is that he is called "Chashire Cat" in the story, even though the official site lists him as Cheshire Cat. The seiyuu talk about this in the freetalk as well.

Personally I absolutely loved this adaption. I love most things even remotely related to Alice in Wonderland so I'm probably biased, but this was a wonderful adaption. It is very faithful to the original, and has a wonderful cast. Whether you're already familiar with the story or not, this is a wonderful drama to listen to.

Also, I'm sorry for reviewing two different Alice in Wonderland related things in a row :p


  1. I have never been raised up by children fairy tales actually so it is my first time getting introduced to Alice in Wonderland series. ^^;

    Maybe I'm just biased but I really can picture Kaji as the seven-(or was it nine?)year-old little Alice. It's like as if he's the real Alice. *laughs*

    I like Abeshi's role as the Queen lol~!

  2. Just wondering I am considering buying this but only due to Hosoya-san. It is worth it? Does he appear much in the tracks? Let me know thanks.

    1. The CD is worth getting it because it is brilliant, but just for Hosoya-san, hmmmmm.

      Hosoya-san voices the white rabbit, so he mainly just runs by yelling that he will be late before he anishes again. He has a few longer scenes (when Alice is in his house and during the trial) but even in those scenes others take the spotlight. The part where he raps the offences of the person on trial instead of announcing them is brilliant though.

      All in all, if you were to get this just for Hosoya-san I don't think it would be worth it. Despite the White Rabbit being a famous character he has surprisingly little screen time in the original story.

      But the CD is brilliant and very faithful to the source material, meaning that it is absolute crack. So if you like Alice in Wonderland anyway I'd say get it, if not then you might want to reconsider.