Review page updated + news

All reviews from April have been added to the review page. Didn't manage to post a review every day, but I got close so on the the next month!! There is a lot of new stuff that I want to listen to, so expect new stuff mixed in!

In other news:

The Oujisama (warai) page has been updated with the announcement of an event in july. Although you have to be in Japan to be able to go of course, but if you can't just go and take a look at the new image on top of the page, it is adorable.

The homepage for Zyklus Code will officially open tomorrow, so don't forget to check, although I'm bound to post about it to remember you again ;)

Kannou Jikan 4 has been confirmed for release. The only description that the homepage gives us for now is that "even though his hair is red, his theme color is yellow" and "the setting is more mysterious this time". Messesanoh is proving useful again, as it already shows us the cover, full title and seiyuu. The title is 感応時間4 ~ねじ巻き 帽子屋の観劇ショー~ (Kannou Jikan 4 ~nejimaki boushiya no kangekishoo~ Kannou Jikan 4 ~The show of the clock winding hatter) and the seiyuu this time is Morikawa Toshiyuki, the recordings will start next week right after Golden Week.. I'm just hoping they are improving again, or this will be the second negative review on the site.

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