News: 官能昔話 Vol.7 Tracklist

Even though there are no details on the official site yet, it didn't take much searching on the animate site to find the tracklist for the next Kannou Mukashi Banashi

01. 官能道場プロローグ Kannou Mukashi Banashi Prologue
02. ソロ朗読「猫女房」 Solo Reading: Cat Concubine
03. ソロ朗読「浦島太郎」 Solo Reading: Urashima Tarou
04. ソロ朗読「はちかぶり姫」 Solo Reading: Hachikaburi-hime
05. 掛け合い話「ネズミの嫁入り」 Group Story: The Mouse's Wedding
06. 官能道場エピローグ Kannou Mukashi Banashi Epilogue

It was a little hard to find a story that matches the title  (neko nyoubou, cat concubine) but I expect it to be something like this one here, often called The Vampire Cat of Nabeshima in English. The story of Urashima Tarou is a well known one, we've probably all heard the story about Urashima Tarou visiting the Dragon Palace once. The third story is also known as 鉢かづき姫 (hachikazuki-hime) and is about a girl who has a pot (yes, like a flower pot) stuck on her head due to unfortunate circumstances. The Mouse's Wedding is a story about a family of mice trying to find the best possible groom for their beloved daughter.

I'm curious about how the stories will turn out, especially the first one...

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