News: 調律葬交 Zyklus;CODE

Last week the site for Zyklus; CODE officially opened, still without information on the seiyuu but with more information on the story and characters. However the seiyuu have been announced during Comic City the same day the site opened, so their names are floating around on the web.

Story-wise the description on the site is still rather vague. The story page doesn't mention much that makes sense:

科学, 魔導, 繁栄共に,
生物兵器 AX(アクス)」まれた


"Along with the prospering of science, magic, and civilization
the biological weapon known as "AX" was born.
The melody that is born from it's body that is exactly like that of a human,
becomes a beautiful death agony that humans can not play,
and it sets a lost history in motion"

"This is a genetic music piece that interweaves humans and AX,
and sneers at death and rebirth."

Don't worry if it doesn't make sense yet, it makes little sense to me as well. lets just assume that music and death and rebirth are important themes, and that there is a biologic (or 'living' if you take it a bit more literally) weapon (゚∇^*)

Where the biological weapon comes in is not hard to guess, only two characters have been announced so far, and Petrouchka (CV: Saitou Chiwa) her character bio states that it has been "98 days since she was manufactured". Apparently she has lost her ability to sense beautiful music and due to a turn of event was taken in by our second character;

Shiryuu Rentarou (CV: Terashima Takuma). Who builds the worst music organs in town, and needless to say doesn't manage to sell them either. Other than that his character bio states that he isn't used to dealing with woman, nor tries to understand them. And that he is a heavy smoker.

I am now trying to imagine Terashima doing a heavy smoker voice, and failing. The cast really surprised me. No Sakurai yet, and if we are talking about a heavy smoker character I would have bet my money on Hirata Hiroaki (because Ninomiya Ai loves using the same seiyuu in many of her works). Still, I'm confident that both of them will still show up somewhere in the castlist.

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