News: 官能昔話 Vol.7 Announced!

Kannou Mukashi Banashi 7 is a fact! The release date is set on May 25th, and the full title is 官能昔話7~日本昔話~ (Kannou Mukashi Banashi ~Nihon Mukashi Banashi~). So I expect we will be hearing more Japanese folklore, yay!.

Inoue Kazuhiko returns, this time bringing Fukuyama Jun, Hino Satoshi, Masuda Toshiki, Maeno Tomoaki as backup to make us melt.

All I can think is: YESSS!!! immediately followed by "I still need to listen to vol.6". Now if only they could get Konishi Katsuyuki and/or Koyasu Takehito in the next one I can die a happy death (especially if Koyasu-sama did one!!). Meanwhile I'll settle for this and keep praying.

Not quite unimportant, they've announced this as 'the start of season 2' which means that there is more to come. There are plenty more folklore, fairytales, and other stories to use, so let's see what the second series will bring us!

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