Are you Alice? - Arrest of the Heart

Are you Alice? - Arrest of the Heart

This is the Drama CD that came with the limited edition vol.3 of the Are you Alice? Manga. It starts with Alice explaining in 2 minutes what Are you Alice is about. An explanation that explains nothing and makes you wonder what he was actually talking about. What becomes clear however is that Alice is currently staying at the Castle to help the Queen of Hearts out.

While Alice is complaining about his current situation the Jack of Hearts suddenly comes up to ask Alice his advice in love. The object of Jack's affection is the Three of Hearts, nicknamed Hatano-san (pun alert).

Between Jack not being allowed to speak, his stalker like love, Alice his non-sensical plan to help Jack and Hatano-san her awkward personality this is one of the most random and most non-sensical Are you Alice short drama's yet.

If you don't know Jack his back story some of the humor is lost, or some scenes don't make any sense at all so I advise having listened to Alice no Tea Party Phase two first. Not that the story intends to make any sense of course. Which is why I love it :D

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