News: 週刊添い寝 to be continued.

Yes you read that right, Shuukan Soine will be continued.

Black Butterfly announced today on their twitter acount and official blog that the series will be continued. No detailed information yet, but the home page will be updated 'with the details in the near future'.

The official site has also updated with a sneak peak image of sorts (if you visit the site often you might need to refresh before it loads the correct image).

EDIT: Black Butterfly hasn't officially announced who the seiyuu are, but Messesanoh (a website for anything and everything otome) gives us more details. It looks like the seiyuu are Yoshino Hiroyuki for vol.5 and Toriumi Kousuke for vol.6. Messesanoh list the CDs for a 2011.06.24 and 2011.07.01 release.

Many thanks to Sweet_Y from the Hibiki forums for finding this.

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