Are you Alice? - Alice Khz.

Are you Alice? - Alice Khz.

This is one of the Are you Alice bonus drama's. In this one Alice hosts the imaginary radio show "Alice Channel". The entire drama is presented as a radio show that his hosted by Alice. It starts out believable but as the show continues more and more slip ups happen, until the Mad Hatter stops the show and makes a fully scripted restart, which of course only ends in more chaos.

Alice reads letters from the listeners, does CMs, gets scolded by the Mad Hatter and eventually does an entirely different type of show in which he answers problems of the listeners.

The entire adventure of course ends in Alice and the Mad Hatter arguing over everything, with the Cheshire Cat only making things worse (or, more hilarious to listen to)

This is one of my favorite side drama's. The radio show parody is executed brilliantly. Especially the second show is brilliant, including the background music. No real knowledge of the main series is needed, although it makes some of the letters that Alice reads all the more brilliant.

Ps: As you've undoubtedly noticed, the cover of this drama CD is where I got one of the images used in the top banner, the other one being from Alice Khz.2.

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