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週刊添い寝CDシリーズ vol.3 智哉

Shuukan Soine CD Vol.3 Tomoya

Shuukan Soine is a CD in which your boyfriend cuddles next to you in bed and talks with you  until you fall asleep. My first thought on this one; the cover image and content don't match. From the cover I expected a somewhat sleepy, my-pace character. However Tomoya was the most perky of the three yet.

Tomoya is reading a book when you wake up from a bad dream and cling to him. After some teasing he tells you about the story. While probably still part of the same series as the first two, the story is now about a cat and the sea. The cat one day sees the sea and falls in love with it, but due to a misunderstandin thinks that the sea doesn't like him. When the cat and sea finally talk with each other it turns out they both were afraid that they were disliked by the other.

Tomoya links this story to himself, by saying that he doesn't like to say 'I love you' too much, because it would lose it's meaning. However because you feel insecure due to his not saying anything he eventually does say it. Instead of saying it multiple times he 'expresses his love in kisses'.

Tomoya teases you just like Jin did, the difference is that Tomoya sounds and acts a bit more childish. However completely opposite to Jin it seems like he doesn't like to say exactly what he means (Jin was much more straight forward). The wake-up track is very cute, the way he laughs/giggles when you tickle him is adorable.

The first press once again comes with a free talk track. As always it is brilliant to listen to. To begin with, Tachibana-san his voice in the cast comment is much higher that in the rest of the recording xD And it makes you dizzy (he keeps walking around in circles). Fan service 100% when he is asked which position he likes best. (He thinks the listeners should decide that, and talks in both your ears).

I somewhat expected a sleepy character, and after listening I think that I would have liked that. But Tomoya is still a nice boyfriend. If you like your boyfriend a (tiny) bit more on the genki side, he is the one for you.


週刊添い寝CDシリーズ vol.2 仁

Shuukan Soine Vol.2 Jin

Shuukan Soine is a CD in which your boyfriend cuddles next to you in bed and talks with you until you fall asleep.  This is the second CD in the Soine series, this time featuring Yasumoto Hiroki. Compared to Hirakawa-san he has a much much much lower voice, some people might like this better, some won't, and I'm just a hopeless Hirakawa fangirl so I'm biased from the start. Character-wise Jin is described as an 'Oresama type that likes to tease'.

This time Jin was already sleeping while you are still awake. Jin wakes up and notices you are still awake, so he starts talking with you so that you will fall asleep. While Kakeru is very sweet Jin like to tease you, but only a little and his teasing always ends in heartwarming comments. Surprisingly, it is Jin who stops where Kakeru 'doesn't let you sleep'.

Where Kakeru told a story about the Sun and the Moon last time, Jin talks about the Moon and the Butterfly this time. While the story is a bit sad, he finds a semi-happy meaning in it. For some reason the story this time seems to be from a picture book, while I had the idea that they were taking about normal books last time. The last two tracks are once again when you've fallen asleep and the next morning. Jin is not really a morning person, so you'll be the one waking him up.

Luckily the cast comment is somewhat more subdued this time, so it is less of a wake-up call than last time. Yasumoto-san starts his comment with "konban wa" because he thinks it is more appropriate, continuing with "maybe even good morning" xD. Like Hirakawa-san he's having a lot of fun with testing out how everything sounds. He also mentions he was talking while he was looking at the eyes of the Dummy xD When he has to do a message from Jin he mentions that there were lines that he want to use some time, and that maybe around 70% (!) were things that he could/would actually say, and that he didn't really have to act for this part. (Whoever sleeps next to him is lucky girl)

Jin is a bit more self-confident, and I liked how he teases you. Unlike last time I didn't fall asleep while listening, every time I started to feel sleepy he made another comment that made me go doki*doki so I just kept listening. (Not that Hirakawa-san didn't made me go doki*doki -on the contrary- but I was much more at ease with his voice, hence the falling asleep). As biased as I am, I have to admit that I liked this one better than the first, simply because I like Jin his personality.


News: 王子様(笑)シリーズ to be continued

Earlier today an update was posted on the series home page that the Oujisama-warai series will be continued. Not many details yet, but the next volume will be about the daily life of the princes that have appeared in the series up to now. Which characters will be featured and other details are to be posted on the site soon.

So it looks like we will be able to hear what happened to our princes after they found their happy (?) ending. Because we've got at least 8 characters now (3 from the first, 3 from the second CD, Sleeping Beauty and the Frog Prince) I expect that there will be at least two of these CDs. I hope they will interact a lot with each other again, because that is what I absolutely loved from the third installment.

The release date is set for 2011.07.21. Before that though, The Frog Prince will be released on the 6th of April.

News: 方言恋愛 Vol.5

I've been away for quite some time so as to whether you can really call this news....

But either way, Hougen Renai 5 is coming!! The original release date would have been in April, but due to the events after the recent earthquake in Japan the release has been put back one month, the new release date being in May.

The two prefectures this time around are Kanagawa and Fukushima (hence the delay I expect). In the Kanagawa story the heroine transfers to the sales department of the Kanagawa branch office of the company she works for. However her new direct superior, Yamachi Masanao (CV: Nakamura Yuichi) is rather strict and while she is desperately trying to keep up with her work it doesn't proceed the way she wants it too. Almost growing depressed as this goes she she one day meets Yamachi outside of work...

According to his character description Yamachi is a very strict superior and doesn't cut his department any slack. Because of this he is difficult to approach, but his superiors rank him very high and a lot of the female employees admire him.

In the Fukushima story the heroine is a teacher who comes to Fukushima. She lived there for one year in her childhood and is renunited with Kaname Takaya (? CV: Matsukaze Masaya) who now works as the master of a coffe shop. However Kaname almost seems like a completely different person, and so a story that revolves around his mysterious circumstances and a certain event in the past begins.

Kaname is the master of a coffe shop that becomes a bar a night. He usually talks in standard Japanese, but with regular customers he chats in dialect. Always half joking, he seems to have a cheerful personality, but behind that mask  there is another side of him.

Both stories sound very interesting so I can't wait for this next volume.And the character designs look amazing, or maybe I just love men in suit.

週刊添い寝CDシリーズ vol.1 翔

 週刊添い寝CDシリーズ vol.1 翔

Shuukan Soine is a CD in which your boyfriend cuddles next to you in bed and talks with you  until you fall asleep.

As soon as I heard that this was going to be made I first cracked up, and then  I knew I just had to listen to it. The series is recorded with the 'dummy head  microphone', which means the characters sound as if they are really talking  into your ear, the concept is just lol, and the first in line is Hirakawa  Daisuke so I just had to listen to this.

The first thing I noticed are the blanket sounds, the character doesn't just  talk but when moving around there are (much too realistic xD) blanket sounds.  The entire talk itself is just too cute. Kakeru comes to bed after receiving an  urgent call from his work, and you've been lonely while he was away so he tries  to calm you down.

Btw, somewhere halfway through the CD you discover that you are sleeping in a  single bed xD (sleeping in a single bed with Hirakawa Daisuke his voice xD  ahahahaha) He does say that he'd like to buy a new one, and want you to help  him to choose a new one. And then he asks whether it would be ok to go to the  bookstore along the way... such a logical combo xD

The reason he wants to go to the bookstore is to search for a specific book  that seems to be part of a series of four, and is some sort of a fairytale.  This story btw, returns in the other Soine CDs as well. In each CD they tell a story that they link back to their own relationship.

Track 5 is (>///<) Because you're not falling asleep Kakeru eventually decides  that 'he is not going to let you sleep'. Hearing someone say that so close to  my ear nearly made me faint.

The last two tracks are when you've already fallen asleep, and the next morning when Kakeru wakes you up. Both are very cute, especially his almost falling  asleep when he whispers that he already bought an engament ring is just too cute.

The first press has a cast comment bonus track. The first time I was listening  to this I really was falling asleep, and because Hirakawa-san is very excited  while doing the cast comment I shot awake from my dreamy half-sleep. His  excitement is just too cute though. Apparently he did the recording of the cast  talk while wearing a headphone so that he can hear the effects of the dummy  head for himself as well. And he obviously has a lot of fun with it. (He  mentions that this is the first time that he is experiencing how it sounds for  himself, so that he's using this as a way to experiment xD). The best part is  when he has to do a message from Kakeru, and then almost squeels at how it  turns out xD

The use of the dummy head recording is very effective. Of course because Kakeru is constantly talking into your ear, but the way they switch from where you  hear him is nicely executed. Kakeru sleeps right of you, so you'll mostly hear  him from your rigth side, but every now and then he also whispers in your left  ear. The CD is 48minutes, which is -as I've experienced- more than enough to  actually make you fall sleep. (55min if you include the cast comment, but that  is more likely to wake you up)

This is one of those CDs that has a high risk of falling sleep. I had to listen to it trice before I finally heard everything. I recommend keeping the cast  comment apart if you are listening to this at night. No matter how cute  Hirakawa-san his excitement is, it does break the mood.