News: 方言恋愛 Vol.5

I've been away for quite some time so as to whether you can really call this news....

But either way, Hougen Renai 5 is coming!! The original release date would have been in April, but due to the events after the recent earthquake in Japan the release has been put back one month, the new release date being in May.

The two prefectures this time around are Kanagawa and Fukushima (hence the delay I expect). In the Kanagawa story the heroine transfers to the sales department of the Kanagawa branch office of the company she works for. However her new direct superior, Yamachi Masanao (CV: Nakamura Yuichi) is rather strict and while she is desperately trying to keep up with her work it doesn't proceed the way she wants it too. Almost growing depressed as this goes she she one day meets Yamachi outside of work...

According to his character description Yamachi is a very strict superior and doesn't cut his department any slack. Because of this he is difficult to approach, but his superiors rank him very high and a lot of the female employees admire him.

In the Fukushima story the heroine is a teacher who comes to Fukushima. She lived there for one year in her childhood and is renunited with Kaname Takaya (? CV: Matsukaze Masaya) who now works as the master of a coffe shop. However Kaname almost seems like a completely different person, and so a story that revolves around his mysterious circumstances and a certain event in the past begins.

Kaname is the master of a coffe shop that becomes a bar a night. He usually talks in standard Japanese, but with regular customers he chats in dialect. Always half joking, he seems to have a cheerful personality, but behind that mask  there is another side of him.

Both stories sound very interesting so I can't wait for this next volume.And the character designs look amazing, or maybe I just love men in suit.

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