Kannou Mukashibanashi

Kannou Mukashbanashi is a series that tells well known tales in a... slightly different way. Each volume contains several stories, all done by a different seiyuu. The series uses a special recording method called 3D dummy microphone, a microphone shaped like a head. using this technology you can hear the voice of the seiyuu as if they're talking right into your ear (when using headphones or earphones), and they've made sure that they talk very eroi.

The first time I didn't really know what to expect, but the CD starts with a prologue that explains (in practice) what the CD is all about. Inoue Kazuhiko his voice is really soothing and sexy, and the wording in which he instructs you to put on your headphones or earphones is... (>///<) He also tests it by blowing in your ear, which somehow feels much to real.

The first story is that of Issun Boushi and is voiced by Suzuki Tatsuhisa. The little Issun Boushi travels to the capital to work, and becomes the companion of the princess. At the end of the story he defeats a red demon and is turned into a full sized human. In his own words 'now that he has become larger he'll be able to please the princess much more'.

The second story is that of Kaguya-hime and is told by Kamiya Hiroshi. Probably everyone knows the this story, and it is told almost completely true to it's origins, except that the meeting between Kaguya-hime and the Emperor becomes a lot more intimate than the original. I'm not too sure about the voice Kamiya-san uses for the story telling, but his voice as the Emperor is pure love.

The third story is 'Tsuru no Ongaeshi' and is told by Inoue Kazuhiko. I don't think this story is well known, and it is a really sad story. Inoue Kazuhiko his beautiful storytelling only makes it all the more touching. And eroi.

The last story is 'Sarukani Kassen' (the fight between the monkey and the crab) and is told by all seiyuu together. It is a story about a monkey who tries to scam a crab. The way it is told it sounds very comical, and also very evil. The monkey tends to 'mistreat' the crab with all the sound effects that results in.

It was hard not to giggle while listening to this CD. After a while you get used to it though (and if you decide to listen to the other volumes it only gets better (^-^). Because the seiyuu tell a story on their own you can also hear how versatile their voices are, which is interesting to hear. I love this CD because it is the first one in the series, but I think the later ones are better.

News: 週刊添い寝 抱き枕カバー

 Ahahaha, I should have known!! Making a body pillow for this series is just too fitting xD

So yes, Black Butterfly has announced and revealed the designs for their Body Pillows based on the Shuukan Soine series. If this would have been a limited edition extra it would have been awesome (I would have pre-ordered on the spot xD) but sadly these are sold separately for 7000yen a piece.

On the front the image is the same is the Jacket of the corresponding CD, the (yet to be revealed) backside will be the booklet image.

This is a limited time only offer, and they will be available for about a month starting the 19th of November, so get your body pillow while you can *rofl*



Puchi Diet

Kanmi Dokoro sort of got me into interested in other works with hypnosis. This first resulted in the discovery that there is a whole community for such a thing, and that there are some related places -that probably fall under rule 34 of the internet- where I really don't want to go. But I suppose you can use hypnosis for that too yes...

Fighting my way through listings of things I'd rather ignore I finally found a few more things that might be interesting, and one of them was these: the tiny diet by Hypnos Eye (voice: Kagura Shou). It is made public as a sort of demo of what 催眠音源 (saimin ongen, hypnotic sound) is. Therefor it isn't too long, and a sort of introductionary work.

The purpose of the Puchi Diet is to make you dislike one of your favorite foods for about a month, so that you won't eat it too much and thus lose weight. It doesn't make you lose several pounds just by listening (duh) and how effective it is depends on what food you choose, but it has potential to be very effective. 

I downloaded this simply because I was interested in how you could turn hypnosis into a diet, and was surprised to discover how effective it was on me. I picked fried potatoes while listening, and believe me I do not feel like eating them for a while. He makes you associate the food you like with something you hate, so be warned that you might feel a bit uncomfortable while listening, though this is resolved again in the end.

His voice somewhat reminds me of Miyano Mamoru mixed with... I don't know who xD But it was a pleasant voice to listen to.  He mentioned on the home page that he might make more short demo's like this, and I'll be checking back every once in the hope that there will be a new one.

Click on the image to go to the home page/ download link.


DAISUKE! ~聖なるバレンタインと、キミだけのボクら~

DAISUKE! ~sei naru Valentine to kimi dake no bokura~

DAISUKE! is a cd in which all characters and their seiyuu have 'Daisuke' as their first name. The setting is the bar 'Dice' (Japanese: daisu) which is ran by Akagi Daisuke (CV: Ono Daisuke) and somehow seems to be a gathering point for people with Daisuke in their name. The heroine (ie: you) enters the place to take shelter from the rain and you end up spending your valentine with them. There is a short introductionary talk and then a track in which they imagine going on a date with you for each 'Daisuke'.

What is not to love about a CD which has all of these wonderful seiyuu? I love Hirakawa and Ono Daisuke, know Namikawa Daisuke and Kishio Daisuke fairly well and like them, Sakaguchi Daisuke was the only one I didn't know. But either way, for me this CD was already a hit before I even listened to it.  I'll make a sort review for each of the characters.

Also, am I the only one who melts at the cover?

When you enter one of the part-timers, Wakaba Daisuke (CV: Namikawa Daisuke), welcomes you. Moments later the owner, Akagi Daisuke enters. Turns out he is an incredible womanizer and immediately starts to hit on you, which ends in him picturing a date on a motorcycle. His character is slightly perverted but not in an annoying way, I just can't hate him for it xD The date actually seemed like a lot of fun.

After this first figment of imagination has passed the clumsy salaryman Yamabuki Daisuke (Kishio Daisuke) enters the shop. He is a failure as salaryman, but is working hard to save up for a wedding and money to start a family. The only problem is that he doesn't have a girlfriend yet, but he quickly declares you his 'fated partner'. On his 'date' you go and look at a possible wedding site. I found his character somewhat annoying, but that could be partly because of the way he speaks.

Next is Wakaba Daisuke his story. He admits that he likes cooking and is rather homely, so his date is a date in his room. Which brings us to the absolute most brilliant moment in the CD. Wakadaisuke has a cat, voiced by Ono Daisuke. And OnoD his cat imitation is so bad its hilarious, but the best part is that in the middle of his cat act he switches into Sebastian Mode. HE SWITCHES INTO FULL BUTLER MODE and then continues his cat act xD

Next up is Touma Daisuke (CV: Sakaguchi Daisuke) who is the second part-timer, an underclassman to Wakadaisuke and the youngest of the bunch (18). You go on a date to the amusement park. Maybe because I tend to dislike the kouhai type, or that his cheeky and cheery voice is just too cheeky and cheery, but I didn't like him at all. He almost sounds like a girl while on the roller-coaster o.O

Finally we meet Kurokawa Daisuke (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke - HA! Hirokawa is the main dish 8D Sorry, just ignore my fangirling). Kurokawa is a 32 year old successful celeb IT manager, complete with awesome sports car. Who is also allergic to cats xD As much as I like Hirakawa Daisuke I didn't really like his voice here, it somehow felt forced. But I'm a fangirl so I forgive him almost anything. His part is much to short, BUT he is the only one who actually kisses you 8D

The freetalk is hilarious, if a bit chaotic. They also start to talk about the kanji in the naming (both of the characters and their actual names) so if you don't know much about that it might be very hard to follow. OnoD also does his cat interpretation again, with the rest making fun of him xD

This CD is great because of the cast and the pure overload in 'Daisuke'. The 'story' (if you can call it that) is a bit far fetched but the imagination parts are funny, as are the interactions of all various 'Daisuke'. And to be honest, the entire Ono Daisuke cat-goes-Sebastian-act ALONE makes this worth listening to it.


王子様(笑)シリーズ 第3巻 ~王子様と眠れる森~

Oujisama (warai) vol.3 ~Oujisama to nemureru mori~

Oujiama (warai) series is a drama cd series that tells well known fairytales in an... entirely different way. The title means 'Prince (laughs) series' and as the title implies the stories are told from the viewpoint of the prince in a rather hilarious way. This volume has only one story; that of Sleeping Beauty.

The moment I saw this was announced it made me happy, and I'm glad I was able to listen to it this fast! Contrary to the first two volumes there is only one story this time, but some of the princes from earlier volumes reprise their roles.

We first meet the servant (CV: Takemoto Eiji) of Sleeping Beauty her prince who meets... the prince from Snow White (CV: Nakai Kazuya). It turns out we are in his country, and the servant asks him whether he wants to help out find Sleeping Beauty. We are taken to the Prince (of Sleeping Beauty, his name is Gunther btw CV: Onosaka Masaya) himself who is... fighting a dragon and gains exp o.O

And from there on the entire story turns into an RPG. Sleeping Beauty and his servant try to get Snow White to sign up at a guild, Genji (CV: Yoshino Hiroyuki) already signed up because the girl behind the counter was cute, they need a fourth member to go on a quest to fight a red dragon, so Genji forces the Emperor (from Taketori Monogatari, CV: Okiayu Ryoutarou) to join xD

Genji is as annoying as ever, the Emperor his classic speach clashes with everything, Sleeping Beauty is a complete RPG otaku, and Snow White is the only sane person. Eventually Sleeping Beauty loses his confidence and Genji decides he will go and steal save the princess.

The previous two CDs were good, but this volume was absolutely brilliant, there is no other word for it. Just throwing all these princes (with their strange personalities) in one story was already funny, but when everything turned into a RPG it turned even better. Every RPG cliche is used, from all the different classes to collecting the four legendary thingamajigs to continue the story. If you play a lot of RPGs or know something about them it gets funnier by the minute. But don't worry if you don't know anything about them, even then it will be plenty funny (Snow White is in the same position anyways)

Just like the previous volumes there is a zazankai after the main story in which the characters talk together. Sleeping Beauty never had friends to drink with so  they first need to explain what they are going to do, and the Emperor decides to get drunk right from the get go ("as if I could do this while sober" xD).

The freetalk was also interesting. The theme was 'a dream that you don't want to wake up from'. Yoshino talks about soccer and the world cup (which made me realize just how recent this release is somehow), Onosaka told that he wants to be popular, Okiayu that he wants to lose weight and Takemoto thinks that their dreams are to normal xD The last three did the recording together making their part of the freetalk hilarious. Especially Okiayu and  Takemoto ignoring Onosaka Masaya when he asks whether he wasn't popular enough to do a story on his own was just... wow xD Nakai talks about that it was his dream to become a seiyuu so that he doesn't want to wake up from his current life. His talk is about to get deep and meaningful when time is up and he abruptly (and I mean abruptly) ends it.

The fact that Yoshino and Nakai did their free talk alone made me realize that they did the recording alone, and how difficult that must be. Especially because there is a lot of tsukkomi, mainly fron Nakai. The zazankai in particular sounds as if they really are talking all together so they really have my respect for some awesome voiceacting!

If you haven't heard the first two CDs yet you should listen to those before listening to this one. Firstly because they are also hilarious and absolutely worth listening, but also because the characters constantly reference to it and you might miss some injokes. (Especially the deal about princess Snow White xD). That said, this vol. is absolutely brilliant so go and listen to it NOW :D