December News Post Vol.1

And then, out of nowhere, a news post!!! :D

I will not say it is weekly or anything, but for now it is here. And hopefully more will follow. The tiny numbers next to a series title link to tumblr posts with related translations.

Kyuuketsuki Darling
The Kyuuketsuki Darling website updated with a banner that leads to a blog post with info about the upcoming fandisks. Yes, Fandisks. Three of them are planned for now, to be released somewhere in spring 2014, and they are a sort of epilogue or after story to the original CDs.

- Vol.1: Remi Barrier (CV; Nakai Kazuya) & Tsukioka Haruki (CV: Kimura Ryouhei)
- Vol.2: William Edwards (CV: Yoshino Hiroyuki) & Azer Aslan (CV: Okamoto Nobuhiko)
- Vol.3: Katagiri Ryuuji (CV: Ono Yuuki) & Sakuraba Ryuuto (CV: Taniyama Kishou)

The Marine Entertainment website also lists "others" for each CD, so maybe more characters will appear in each CD, but it is safe to say that the two listed will be the main focus.

Fantasy Kareshi ~Dive into Fairytale~ [1][2]
Animate and Marine Entertainment are teaming up for another collaboration (their first one was Risou Kareshi). This time you become the heroine of a well known fairytale, and for each fairytale there are two characters you can fall in love with.

In the Peter Pan story you become Wendy, and you can choose between Peter and Captain Hook. In Red Riding Hood you become the titular Little Red Riding Hood, and you can choose between the Hunter (Rolan) and the Wolf (Ruu? Lou?), and finally in Hansel and Gretel you become Gretel, and you can choose between Hansel and the Magician. They turned Hansel into your half brother for this series (and the witch into a male magician). 6 CD's have been planned for now, so probably one for each character.

The seiyuu for this series have already been decided; Oosaka Ryouta, Ono Yuuki, Shimono Hiro, Suwabe Junichi, Taniyama Kishou, and Toriumi Kousuke.

But who will voice which character is up to us to decide! Animate and Marine entertainment are currently running an survey where you can choose who will voice which role. The web version can be found here. I translated all of the character descriptions in case you want to consider those while voting. Details about the voting process are also in that post.

The results of the survey will be posted somewhere in February next year, so I am guessing the releases will start several months after that. It is a long wait, but probably worth it considering that we get a say in which role the seiyuu will voice.