It has been a while, how is everyone?

I know I've made a few people worry because I stopped updating (thank you so much for the sweet messages!), but I am fine and it was just life getting in the way of everything.

The combined load of final exams, working as much as possible, studying for the JLPT1 exam in July, applying for internships, and -on the positive side- my new relationship took so much time it became impossible to keep writing reviews. I didn't even have the time to log in to tumblr, and I made a new record by not even touching my laptop for almost 3 weeks in a row because I simply didn't have the time.

Things have finally calmed down now though. Especially finding an internship took an enormous amount of energy, and the paperwork involved nearly drove me insane (I can probably rage for an hour or more about this, so lets just keep it short here) but everything worked out in the end. On the first of August I landed in Tokyo, where I will be spending 6 months working as an intern at Bosch.

I've settled into my mini apartment and am getting used to the work, which means I will finally have time to devote to my hobby and this blog again.

Instead of jumping in head first and risking another hiatus I am taking some time to do some preparations, and I'll resume posting in September.

I'm sorry for my absence, and I hope to see everyone back next month!!

Well that obviously failed. But the blog shall not die, never!
Behind the scenes the gears have started to turn, and slowly, slowly, everything will fall into place.