April Release List

Return of the monthly release list!

Like before, releases in bold are the ones that I am interested in the most.

  • Tsukiuta. April [women] Togawa Chisa "Sing my Way"
  • Tsukiuta. April [Men] Uduki Arata "Sakura to tomo ni kimi dake wo"

  • Hayami Shou Produce CD vol.2 Shuffle Koukousei Time Traveler
  • Hitorijime Series vol.2 Mou kaesanai dare mo shiranai bessou de
  • Nora Comics CD Series Panzer Princess CD Vol.2
  • TV TARI TARI Drama CD Tabidachi no Uta

  • Motehappi ~Kokoro to Karada Michitekuru
  • Sasaki Yuka / Akayu

  • Anata ga Ofuro de Noboseru CD Season 2 Vol.1 Kikawa Onsen
  • Chou Sekkingata Sasayaki Micchaku CD 6
  • Danbooru Senki Senshitachi no Kyuusoku
  • Hakozume CD 4 Mahoutsukai to Issho ni Hakozume
  • IS <Infinite Stratos> Voice Drama & Character Song CD 1
  • Karnival Sorezore no Toki
  • Koichoi ~Daigakusei Hen~
  • Meisaku Bungaku (warai) Series Oku he no Hosomichi ~Sou sa, Ise he ikou~
  • Nego Danshi Vol.16
  • Nintama Rantarou Drama CD Gonensei no dan
  • Ojisama Senka Vol.8 Save my Girl ~watashi no bodyguard~
  • Onee CD ~Radio Personality Ruri-nee
  • OVA Hanayaka Nare, Waga Ichizoku Cinematograph Drama CD
  • Persona 4 the Golden Vol.2
  • Ragnarok Online 10 Aniversary 3 ~watashi ga erabu, ashita no watashi~
  • Sakurasou no Petto na Kanojo Vol.3
  • SEVENTH HEAVEN vol.1 Akira
  • Taisho Kyuuketsuki Ibun Vol.1
  • TV AMNESIA Drama CD 2
  • You-Tak no Sasayali CD

  • STORY OF 365 days Florigraphy chapter.DIA
  • Drama CD Genji Monogatari ~tsuioku~

  • 10nen Hatsukoi Sunahara Haruya
  • Arcana Famiglia Il Dolce Regalo vol.1 -Rosso-
  • Double Score ~quarrelxlove~Todaka no baai
  • Heart Supplement Series Sukima Time ~Saturday~
  • Houyou CD Gyutto shite. Vol.2
  • Hitsuji de Oyasumi Series vol.32
  • Kareshi Miman ~ano koro ni ha moderenai~
  • Starry Sky ~Sweet Graduation~

BL Releases:
2013.04.05 Yandere Heaven Black ~Shinsei Gakuen Geinou Kareshi Hen~
2013.04.19 Sansen Sekai no Karasu wo koroshi 10 Drama CD
2013.04.24 Dekichatta Danshi Honeymoon hen
2013.04.24 Kanau Sensei no subete
2013.04.26 Taisho Mebius Line Vol.1 Misaki Hen

There are a lot of releases that are interesting in one way or another, but only a few that I really want. Rejet has started their wave of releases with the start of both the new DiaLovers CDs and their new Seventh Heaven series, and thanks to Taisho Kyuuketsuki Ibun we'll have even more vampires after our blood.

Despite the fact that the series has made me go through so much already I am still interested in DiaLovers, both because I’m curious whether it will be more of the same or maybe a little different this time, and because Sakurai will be voicing one of the later CDs.

And then of course Tsuki Uta (because Hosoya) and Sasayaki Micchaku Vol.6 (because Sakurai).

What are you planning to get / listen to? Did I miss anything? let me know in the comments!


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  2. I'm excited for everything on April 26th 'w' Diabolik Lovers More Blood and Seventh Heaven too

  3. Hitorijime 2 and Ojisama Senka 8 - CAN'T WAIT!! >w<;;
    But of course, the Double Score QuarrelXLove thingy looks yummy as well, but I didn't listen to the first one yet...

  4. the return of the release list! thank god.. without it i had totally no clue when what was coming out ;_;

    I have my eyes on the new diabolik lovers cd, also I'd like to try out seventh heaven and taisho kyuuketsuki Ibun..
    too bad i have to wait until next month with buying anything..

    1. Haha, I had the same problem. Which is one of the reasons why it came back xD

  5. Yay~! Thanks for going to the trouble of making an April release list!

    I'm interested in Heart Supplement Series Sukima Time (all of them X3) & DiaLovers~ I wish yandere heaven would release another CD, non-BL щ(ಥДಥщ)

    1. Same here. Luckily other companies have also jumped the yandere bandwagon, but I kind of hope for a new one as well.

  6. Houyou CD Gyutto shite. Vol.2 would be quite interesting for me, but this month is quite a disappointment for me or let's say it's rather a protection of my wallet. xDD

    Gyutto Shite Vol. 2 has such a nice looking CD Jacket... :D I'm actually anxious of the May's and June's CD releases, because there will be so much Hosoyan, Nao-nii and Massu! 8D 8D