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Team You-Tak 
Ono Yuuki and Eguchi Takuya have paired up as a team to make several drama CDs and a radio show a while ago. Their first drama CD was released February last year, but they are releasing new stuff again. Or well, releasing them in stores, because both of them were already sold at events. 

The first one is ゆーたくの囁きCD (yuutaku no sasayaki CD). Apparently they asked the audience at their first event to write down sentences that they would like You-Tak to read, but didn't get the chance to actually do this during the event. And so these have been recorded are are now released on a CD. According to Ono Yuuki his blog the CD contains both the Ono Yuuki versions and Eguchi Takuya version of almost 100 sentences, both sweet ones and pretty mean ones.

The second CD is 恋チョイ!~大学生編~ (koichoi ~daigakusei hen~, Koi Choi (Love Choice) ~University Student Chapter~), which is a situation CD in which you get to choose between 4 characters who have all fallen in love with you. You can choose your own favourite by choosing which tracks to listen. I am guessing there is a general story line, after which you can choose which guy you like most. Of course both Ono Yuuki and Eguchi Takuya voice a character, and they are joined by Kimura Ryouhei and Akabane Kenji.

Both CDs will be released on 2013.04.24.

Taisho Kyuuketsuki Ibun
I could have sworn I already wrote something about this, but apparently only on tumblr so I get to write about it again. Taisho Kyuuketsuki Ibun is a series about... well vampires in the Taisho period. Pretty much what it says on the tin.

The CDs are related to the Tokimeki Youen Vampire games for iOS and Android, and use the same characters. In the games you are attending a university and meet the vampire guys there, but in the CDs you meet them at a cafe (maybe you work there?) The series uses the dummy head mic for certain parts of the story.

The first CD will be released on 2013.04.24 and features the yandere Houjou Kureha (CV: Nojima Kenji) and do-S Aran Shuri (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke).

The second CD will be released on 2013.05.29 and features the kuudere Kamiki Sakuya (CV: Suzuki Yuuto) and ore-sama Yakumo Homura (CV: Ono Yuuki).

The third CD will be released on 2013.06.26 and features the tsundere Hinamori Nagi (CV: Masuda Toshiki) and wild type Touya Gai (CV: Tsuda Kenjirou).

The fourth CD will be released on 2013.07.31 and features the older brother type Hiiragi Yuzuru and tough type Munakata Ayato.

And finally the fifth CD will be released on 2013.08.28 and features the delinquent Ichinose Hisoka and butler type Kashiwagi Ibuki.

The seiyuu for the last two CDs haven't been announced yet. On the other hand, the sample tracks for vol. 1 are already online. It is unfortunate that they cut off right where things get interesting xD

Looking at the track list of the first CD there is an opening track, followed by three different scenarios: one where you choose Kureha, one where you choose Shuri, and one where you choose neither (and something tells me this ends in a 3P...). The other CDs will likely follow a similar pattern.

Buying the CDs at different shops gets you different tokuten. Auragame and Stellaworth give you a clearfile or bromide for each CD, but the tokuten for boying all CDs at a specific shop is where it really gets interesting. Buy all CDs at Auragame, Stellaworth or Animate and you can apply for a special drama CD titled "二度目の満月夜 (nidome no mangetsuya, The second full moon night"). The catch? Each shop has a different version, with different characters.

Arcana Famiglia
The series is getting a whole handful of new drama CDs.

The first two are Arcana Famiglia Il dolce Regalo vol.1- rosso- and vol.2 -bianco-, which are drama CD adaptions of the Il dolce Regalo manga. The first CD has Liberta (CV: Fukuyama Jun), Nova (CV: Yonaga Tsubasa), Pace (CV: Sugita Tomokazu), and Dante (CV: Kosugi Juurouta) while the second CD features Debito (CV: Yoshino Hiroyuki), Luka (CV: Nakamura Yuuichi), Jolly (CV: Yusa Kouji) and Ash (CV: Okamoto Nobuhiko).

Felicita (the heroine) isn't voiced in these CDs so that means they are situation CDs. Rosso will be released on 2013.04.24 while Bianco will be released on 2013.05.31.

Following the release of these two CDs are two more CDs: Arcana Famiglia Assortito Vol.1 & 2. Both CDs are a collection of short stories featuring all of the characters. In these CDs Felicita will be voiced by Noto Mamiko. Vol.1 will be released on 2013.07.27 and Vol.2 on 2013.08.28

Nade Nade CD.
なでなで (nadenade) means petting something, and that is exactly what this series is about. Or rather, being petted and comforted by someone. Being patted on your head and told that things will be all right, and maybe even a kiss afterwards, that is the concept of this CD.

In the first CD you end up staying at school after class because of preparations for the school festival, and meet your senpai Hiiragi (CV: Hosoya Yoshimasa). As you promise to meet every week your relationship grows.

There is no official site yet, but there is a twitter account. The CD will be released on 2013.05.24. As this CD is titled "vol.1" it probably means that there will be more CDs to follow, and the description on the animate site hints at it that there will be one with your boss.

It is like the drama CD world is supportive of my Hosoya bias lately~ My wallet is weeping every time it hears his name but my heart (and ears) are overjoyed xD

Gyutto Shite
The second CD has been announced, and it will be voiced by Toriumi Kousuke. His character is called Takamori Souichi, who is a top executive at a large housing manufacturer. He rarely opens up to people, but when offered trust and love he will love that person with all his heart. Usually silent, but always sincere and he does properly express his feelings towards you. He doesn't show any weakness to others, but as a girlfriend you might catch a glimpse of his weaker moments.

Before you started dating he was your boss, so you meet each other at work as well. One of the example situations given was actually secretly hugging at work while no one is at the office (///).

The CD will be released on 2013.04.28.

Issho ni Diet
Good news if you want to continue dieting, because a second Issho ni Diet CD is planned. Taniyama Kisho will be voicing this CD, and his character is actually the same one as the one in the Issho ni Cooking CD that he voiced (your boyfriend, and a musician).

Because he has been making you breakfast every morning, and you've been eating a bit too much of it, you've started to worry about your weight. And when you decided you really need to start doing something about it you decide to start a walking diet together.

The CD is planned for a 2013.05.22 release. Kirishima Sou will draw the cover again, so I'm hoping for another nosebleed inducing cover like the last time xD

Or Ojisan Paradise. Last year Cineria announced this as an April's Fool joke, but they made the image released that time into a shitajiki and promised that if they would sell 100 of them within a year that they would make a CD.

And now that they sold a 100 (thanks to someone buying a whole bunch of them) they are keeping that promise and actually making a Ojisan Paradise CD xD


  1. thank you for the info as always!
    at least.. April is here~! X3

    and now, I can't wait for Tsudaken vampire role again~

    thank you for made my day in the middle of test~ :3

  2. I want the Nadenade CD. @___@ -Obviously enjoys being petted on the head. Is like a cat.-