Shitsuji no Kare - Shiro Route

 執事の彼 白ルート

Label: StellaWorth
Based on: Original
Released: 2012.09.23

This is StellaWorth their second original drama CD after Osananajimi no Kare. It follows the same pattern as the first one: there are two CDs, a white route and a black route. The white route is essentially the 'happy ending' where you get together with your guy. In the black route however you do something to upset him and things go wrong.

In this CD you are a wealthy young lady. Your parents are always abroad, but your butler (CV: Midorikawa Hikaru) is always by your side. He comes to wake you up in the morning, serves you breakfast, basically takes care of everything that you need.

Same thing today, after finally getting you out of bed by teasing you a little he serves you breakfast and tells you that your parents sent word that they won't be able to be there for your birthday this year either. He also tells you that your father asked whether you will agree to meet the omiai (arranged marriage) partner that they asked you about.

This is where the story splits into the white and black routes. As this is the white route, you decline the omiai. Your butler comments that it might be a wise decision, you are still young after all. After that he quickly changes the subject, and comes with the idea to make a birthday cake for when you will be celebrating your birthday together with all the servants.

And so it is time for some kitchen magic! Although he seems to be doing most of the work. During the baking you get interested in whether there is anyone whom he has special feeling for, and he tells you there is someone but refuses to tell you who.

We sort of skip the birthday party itself and continue straight to that night, when you are drinking some tea before you go to bed. Your butler says he wants to give you a gift as well and tells you that he will grant any wish you make. And out of all things you ask him to tell you who the girl he loves really is. He tries to dodge the question at first, but eventually gives in and tells you that he loves you.

This comes with quite a long explanation actually. How he has always been at your side and watched you grow up, and realized somewhere along the way that he had fallen in love with you. Of course you love him as well and allow him to kiss you, after which he simply lifts you up and carries you to your bed. The fade out comes a lot earlier than in the previous CD - while I started wondering when the fade out would come in that one you were still only kissing this time.

The morning after is kind of cute, he wakes you up and apparently you are both still naked because you are to embarrassed to look at him. He tells you that he will report about the two of you loving each other to your parents and he hopes that they will accept your relationship.

Being the white route this story was mainly just incredibly sweet and cute. Midorikawa-san using an appropriately soft and sweet voice for this really helps with that as well. I started with listening to this one before I listened to the black route, and I actually liked this one better. It may have something to do with the fact that I didn't find his yandere performance very convincing, while these sweet characters do suit his voice very much.

I was sort of puzzled by how old your butler is supposed to be. In the cover illustration he looks quite young, but he mentions that he has been by your side ever since you were little. But for convenience sake, lets just assume that he also started young and is about 10 years older than you are.

Just like the 'white route' with the first CD, this was very sweet. You don't have to listen to the other one, so if you like sweet stories just listen to this one, and leave the 'black route' for what it is.


  1. I love the shiro route of this drama CD, too! You're so right about Midorikawa's voice fitting the butler's character well. As for the kuro route, while I actually liked the story for it, I think Midorikawa san's yandere character voice lacks comparatively to other seiyuus. So for now, I'd say Hino Satoshi's character from the first volume is better than this drama CD.

    1. I think there are only a handful of people who can beat Hino Satoshi when it comes to voicing yanderes xD