Heart Supplement Vol.1 - Namida Jikan

ハートサプリメントシリーズ vol.1 涙時間

Label: Honey Bee
Based on: Original
Released: 2012.09.28
Official site: http://www.honeybee-cd.com/hs

The Heart Supplement series is a series for when you need someone at your side, like when you feel down or like in this case; when you've been crying. In Namida Jikan ("Tearful Times") Yuuya and Shuu try too cheer you up after you've been crying.

The CD begins with both of them explaining how to use the CD. Basically they tell you listen to the CD when you feel like crying, and that you shouldn't hold back but just cry as much as you like. Both of them tell you that you should come see them if you ever feel like crying, after which Shuu teases Yuuya by saying that he might end up crying with you.

Just the two of them slightly joking around and telling you that they will cheer you up if you are down in the first track is enough to cheer me up. You can already feel the kindness and the actual CD hasn't even started yet. And it only gets sweeter in the rest of the CD.

Shuu (CV: Yusa Kouji) is the first one to cheer you up. There are three tracks where Shuu cheers you up / stays by your side. Each track is a different situation. In each one you've been crying, but the way Shuu cheers you up is different. You can listen to all of the tracks in one go, but they don't make a story or anything.

I liked the first two. Shuu tells you it is OK to cry and just sort of stays by your side. The third one is a bit strange though. He tells you that he won't leave you alone, and that you should just ignore him being there and cry all you want... and starts reading a book while sitting beside you. If it were me there is no way I'd be able to cry all I want with someone happily reading a book beside me...

There is also a track for when you've stopped crying. As a reward he hugs you and is just being super sweet.

After this we get Yuuya (CV: Shimono Hiro) his part, which follows the same pattern: three tracks in which he tries to cheer you up and one for after you've stopped crying. While Shuu just silently stays by your side, Yuuya tries to cheer you up more actively. In the first track he tries to cheer you up by doing a magic trick (and failing).

Yuuya isn't being entirely honest with his own feelings, he obviously likes you but everytime he says something that shows his feelings he covers it up. The final track where you've stopped crying and fallen asleep and he is still sitting beside you is super cute though.

The last two tracks are for when you've stopped crying. Shuu makes you hot milk, while yuuya makes you omuraisu (with onions in it, so now he is crying because he is chopping the onions).

Because the CD is meant to cheer you up whenever you feel like crying it is never mentioned why you are crying, the characters just stay by your side and let you cry or try to cheer you up.

Personally I liked Shuu his calm manner better than Yuuya his more active personality. On the other hand, Yuuya is such a cute idiot that you can't help but smile at his actions. But no matter which one you like better; they'll be sure to cheer you up.

I didn't really have high expectations but... this seems like it could really cheer you up when you are down. Both characters are super sweet (in a kind, cheering you up manner). This really made me wish for someone at my side whenever I feel down, although I guess I'll be fine now that I have this CD xD

PS: Yes I know Honey Bee has romanized Shuu his name as 'Syu', but it hurts my eyes to see it written like that so I'm sticking with Shuu xD


  1. Oh, this CD is so sweet... Yusa's voice is so soothing and gentle, that it can actually calm you down and give you help you to get over your sadness pretty good. Shimono's character was more like a tsundere, who tries to cheer you up, while being all tsun and then dere. :)

    I really liked the CD.

    1. Yuuya his tsun moments are so cute~ But I wished he'd be a little more honest with his feelings, after all he says the sweetest things and then says its nothing. Bot on the other hand his tsun moments make him all the more precious.

  2. The whole CDs of this heart supplement series are very very very sweet. they're worth having and being listened since they're sweeter than the real guys themselves :D

    From this volume, shuu is my favorite too, he's very mature, and in the first track he said somehow he felt like crying when he saw (me?us?) crying

    1. I've been curious about Sukima Time for a while now, so I will definitely continue listening to the series :)

  3. I've yet to listen to these Supplement series, however, the cast in this one caught my attention... UtaPri pairing LOL~

    Anyway, sincerely speaking, if I did have a sort of boyfriend trying to cheer me up from sadness, I'd probably feel like crying a lot more out of being so emotive myself =/ He better have a lot of patience ;Orz

    1. Now that I think about it.... Yuuya could have BEEN Shou-chan xD

      I don't know how I would feel about a real boyfriend trying to cheer me up, I'm not sure I would be able to cry all I want in front of someone...