News Post -Part 3-

Aaaaand we are back in business!! Reviews will also be posted on a regular schedule again starting next week, and there is lots and lots of interesting news stuff to catch up on, so I will be posting that through this week.

There is so much to catch up on it is hard to decide on what to do first, but considering that Rejet has announced so much stuff that the relating tumblr tags have nearly exploded, lets start with that xD

Shinsengumi Kekkonroku Wasurenagusa
It was almost inevitable considering the success of the series, but Wasurenagusa is getting a second season, titled 新撰組血魂録 勿忘草 (shinsengumi kekkonroku wasurenagusa). Like I already explained on tumblr, The kanji used in the title are 血(blood) and 魂 (soul;spirit) and the reading is ‘kekkon’. If you would write kekkon with different kanji however you get 結婚 (marriage). No idea whether the content will have anything to do with this, but Rejet also used this pun in the new top image of their blog, so who knows.

Two more famous shinsengumi members are introduced as new characters to the series: Nakagura Kinpachi (CV: Maeno Tomoaki) and Harada Sannosuke (CV: Tachibana Shinnosuke). Besides these two all previous characters will get another CD, which means a total of 8 CDs for the second season. I guess it is time to empty our wallets again.

A short pv for the second season can be watched here, it has no voice whatsoever but it does give a short glimpse of two new characters.

As the pv and blog post announcing the second season mention the theme for the second season is 月だけが識る、命の、逢瀬――。(tsuki dake ga shiru, inochi no, ouse.... , "a rendezvous of life, known only to the moon". It should be noted that the character for life here means 'mortal life' as in 'life or death', so I am guessing that they mean a 'rendezvous that endangers your life', but Rejet their own staff jokes about what they could be meaning with this so we are left in the dark.

Edit: The release dates as found on animate online:
  • Kekkonroku Vol.1: 2013.08.28
  • Kekkonroku Vol.2: 2013.09.25
  • Kekkonroku Vol.3: 2013.10.30
  • Kekkonroku Vol.4: 2013.11.27
  • Kekkonroku Vol.5: 2013.12.25
  • Kekkonroku Vol.6: 2014.01.29
  • Kekkonroku Vol.7: 2014.02.26
  • Kekkonroku Vol.8: 2014.03.26

Diabolik Lovers
Where to start with this, so much has been announced for this series alone it is stunning.

Biggest news first: Diabolik Lovers is getting an anime adaption. No news on whether it is just an OVA or a series though. The opinions of the fans seem to be divided, but personally I'm interested in how they are going to adapt it and I'll wait until I've seen it before I'll give an opinion.

Second large news:  a second DiaLover season titled "Diabolik Lovers: More Blood" is in the works, and by the looks of it everything will get new releases because of it; new radio broadcasts, new drama CDs, and Otomate is making another DiaLovers game/fandisk.. A teaser site has been opened but we'll have to wait for it to open to get any real info out of it. A trailer is available though, you can watch it here.

The trailer introduces four new characters, four brothers of another vampire family called 無神 - Mushin(?). The oldest one is Ruki (CV: Sakurai Takahiro), who is described as a ruthless, cruel leader. The second one is Kou (CV: Kimura Ryouhei) who is described as a selfish, two-faced idol (so basically Kise turned into a do-S vampire?*shot*). Next we have the impulsive and rebellious Yuuma (CV: Suzuki Tatsuhisa) and finally Azusa (CV: Kishio Daisuke) who is described as an 'insane yet timid yandere'.

As you may have guessed I was spazzing beyond the describable about Sakurai being in this series. I have a lot of conflicting feelings about this but basically I feel like death is standing in front of me with open arms and I am willingly going to walk into them. I shall regret nothing.

I am secretly hoping for another Versus CD with Ruki VS Yuuma, even though I will probably need to sign my last will before listening to it because it will almost certainly kill me (and half of the world's fangirl population with me). I will settle for Ruki VS Kou if necessary though.

Final piece of DiaLover news: Character songs are planned for release starting somewhere in June. If Wasurenagusa didn't already devastate your wallet then DiaLovers most certainly will considering the amount of releases related to it (you can bet that there will be more merchandise as well once things get of the ground).

Edit: release dates for the new CDs. The full title seems to be ドS吸血CD MORE,BLOOD (do-s kyuuketsuki cd more,blood)
  • Vol.01 Ayato - 2013.04.24
  • Vol.02 Kou - 2013.05.29
  • Vol.03 Ruki - 2013.06.26
  • Vol.04 Azusa - 2013.07.31
  • Vol.05 Yuuma - 2013.08.28
  • Vol.06 Kanato - 2013.09.25
  • Vol.07 Raito - 2013.10.30
  • Vol.08 Subaru - 2013.11.27
  • Vol.09 Shuu - 2013.12.25
  • Vol.10 Reiji - 2014.01.29

Dot Kareshi
Besides continueing their existing series Rejet is also starting new ones: Dot Kareshi -we're 8bit lovers- is one of them. With Dot Kareshi Rejet is mixing old school 8bit RPG with situation CDs and otome games, although I'm not sure how much of what goes in the mix.

The teaser site mentions that "the content will be delivered through situation CDs + (a little) game". It looks like this will be situation CD + game 2disc combo. The situation CDs will be 60min and make use of the dummy head mic.

When you first open the teaser site a trailer introducing the setting and characters will play. I have to say, the music and the little beeps that you hear when someone 'speaks' make me incredibly nostalgic.

It seems like all the characters are actual characters in a game you used to play, but because you played too much they've become warped. The characters from the trailer are the Hero who turned kichiku, the Wizard who became twisted, a ore-sama Priest, a flirtatious Thief, the Knight who turned do-M due to taking too many beatings, an idiot Dancer, a sadistic Beastmaster (this time S in the actual S-M sense by the looks of it), a sexually frustrated Monk, the Evil Overlord who has self esteem problems due to being defeated so many times, a shota Slime who has fallen in love with you, the Dark Knight, and the Villager (who seems strangely stalkerish), so 12 characters in total. (So far they don't seem to have any names, they are simply called 'Hero' or 'Wizard')

Before you start to pity your wallet too much, I've only found three CDs listed on Animate so far, so maybe every CD has multiple characters. No release dates listed are though.

Seventh Heaven
Thought we were already done? Wrong! Rejet has even more in stock! Their next project being Seventh Heaven, which is a combination of a "situation CD + dummy head kannou (sensual) song". How exactly they are going to make dummy head songs work remains to be seen, but so far the bgm is captivating as always.

There are seven shinigami (death gods) who can only be seen by women who, somewhere in the bottom of their hearts, wish to die. Their songs hold the power to send you to the other side. At the same time there is a mansion just outside of town where seven beautiful butlers are rumoured to live. And you (the listener) end up entering said mention due to circumstances. Those who enter the mansion, which has no owner, are never seen again. You discover the truth behind it all, but are unable to tell anyone because...

(the end of the trailer has the line "because you cannot resist this song", so that is probably the reason why you are unable to tell anyone what you discover).

As you have probably guessed there are seven characters for this series: Akira (CV: Nojima Kenji) who is described as tsundere, cool, do-S and two-faced. Hinata (CV: Takahashi Hiroki) who is a koakuma (devilish) yandere do-M that wants to be abused. Itsuki (CV: Takahashi Naozumi) who is tough, your childhood friend, and has an different personality hidden behind his usual one. Yuuri (CV: Kondo Takashi), who is a insane do-S yandere. Shion (CV: Suzuki Tatsuhisa) who is a violent and perverted do-S ore-sama. Mint (CV: Toriumi Kousuke) who is a cold-hearted abusive strict kuudere (emotionless type), and finally Kanade (CV: Morikubo Shoutarou) who is a lazy tsudere x ore-sama do-S.

Most of them have a lot of personality traits and a lot of overlap between them, and I am not going to lie when I say that I am wondering how they are going to make some of them work (tsundere x ore-sama do-S???). But basically we have two tsunderes (Akira and Kanade), two yanderes (Hinata and Yuuri), a Kuudere (Mint) a childhood friend type (Itsuki) and a violent ore-sama pervert (Shion). For a better overview I refer to simply-shine her post here.

Personally I am getting a high "DiaLovers in a different jacket" vibe (Rejet has discovered that do-S characters sell for high amounts after all) BUT one should not judge before hearing so we shall see hear. Besides, I spot another yandere do-M which is a combo that interests me a lot.

Release dates are as follows:
Vol.1 Akira (CV: Nojima Kenji) - 2013.04.24
Vol,2 Hinata (CV: Takahashi Hiroki) - 2013.05.29
Vol.3 Itsuki (CV: Takahashi Naozumi) - 2013.06.26
Vol.4 Yuuri (CV: Kondo Takashi) - 2013.07.24
Vol.5 Shion (CV: Suzuki Tatsuhisa) - 2013.08.28
Vol.6 Minto (CV: Toriumi Kousuke) - 2013.09.25
Vol.7 Kanade (CV: Morikubo Shoutarou) - 2013.10.30

Of course there are tokuten as well. Buy all CDs and you can apply for the special drama CD "Shinigami Gakuen Monogatari" (Shinigami School Story). Buy all CDs at animate and you can also apply for the special drama CD "Shinigami-tachi no Boys Talk". Both special CDs feature the entire cast.

PS: I am loving how the logo says "ultimate dammyhead song". All the characters are also "battlers" instead of butlers xD


  1. First, Thanks for writing! That's a Rejet dedicated post! xD
    The asteroid didn't hit the Earth but Rejet made a real earthquake with their release news. haha!

    Well, so waiting for the "2d season" of Wasurenagusa. I almost fell off my chair when I read the new cast. x3
    And it's great to see the original seiyuu making a 2d round too. But 8 cds will defenitely kill my wallet. xD

    Plus, Dialovers. I'm very happy to see Sakurai too! I think I'm in the same state as you. xD
    And, if my bank account is still alive after the Shinsengumi raid, I might be tempted by this new bunch of vampires. xD

    Seventh Heaven looks interesting. Need more info. :p

    Oh! And about DotKare. The site opening is so retro. I liked. As you said, it's kinda nostalgic. :p

  2. Is it just me or is Rejet trying to kill its fangirls? xDDD TOO MUCH AWESOMENESS IS NOT GOOD FOR MY PURE FANGIRL HEART...

    I'm really looking forward to the Wasurenagusa sequel and Seventh Heaven... I think I can die happily after hearing the CD's... xD Well I think "battlers" can also refer to the CD characters... I mean they are practically battling for our "love". LMAO And the "dammyhead" might be "damned", like cursed binaural recording, because it makes fangirls go nuts? xDDD Well, I'm buying the 3rd volume for sure if Naozumi is using his deep voice... It would be a great birthday present, since his CD is released 3 days after my birthday. 8D

    Of course I'm also curios about the upcoming DiaLovers game and anime and Dot Kareshi. I'm secretly wishing for them to cast Hosoyan for some roles, but seems like they won't... :(

    Well, I think my wallet is gonna cry this year, since I'm throwing it onto Rejet. :D

    1. I'm hoping for more Hosoyan too xD

      Dot Kareshi has 12 characters so we can pray and hope he will voice one of them together *chants prayers*

    2. It would be TOO AWESOME if that would happen!! 8D *begins to chant prayers*

      After seeing the PV, I think I just HAVE TO play the game... I mean, I'm actually a computer science major so... it can't be helped? xDD

  3. Ohmygodohmygodohmygod, Sakupyon!!! O(≧∇≦)O
    You perfectly described my feelings. I shall regret nothing~
    Also looking forward to Tachibana Shinnosuke in Wasurenagusa. This is going to be a great season. >.<

  4. Too many twisted characters, Rejet! Well, it does show in almost all of their projects... :)

    I'm actually more interested in the newer titles, Seventh Heaven and Dot Kareshi, especially the latter one. I found the teaser site for Dot Kareshi really wonderful~ And the character descriptions...I think I'm most afraid of the Villager.

    PS. I find it weird and funny that in the PVs they kept spelling "coming" as "comming", and since this is Rejet, I have doubts that it's an honest mistake... :D

    1. That villager scares the hell out of me (>__<)

      Same goes for the slime though. There is no way he is just going to be a cute shota....

  5. You cannot imagine how much I missed your posts - welcome back! =D

    Out of all the Rejet announcements, the only one I am really looking forward is 8-bit lovers... looks like I'll really be ripped off this year, first Double Score, now Dot Kareshi, seems Japan just found out how to creep my wallet >_<;;
    However, the DiaLovers anime could be fun, but I don't think they would allow such "liberties" in an animation, unless it's an OVA or airs in a paid channel - this could also be a way to sell BDs with new scenes added in though.

    1. Awww youuuuu, let me hug you!!

      Dot Kareshi is the one I am looking forward to the most as well, although I am also looking forward to Wasurenagusa depending on the level of ero they put in it this time (I hope not too much...)

      As for the DiaLovers anime, I think your right in saying that they wouldn't allow a lot of (if not most of) what is going in the CDs in an animation so part of my interest in that comes from how they are going to tackle that problem.

  6. Well... About the wasurenagusa, I was reading the blog and it say that the new title and in parentheses it said it was a marriage record so I don't kow what to wait >.<