Lovers Only 4 - Anata dake wo mitsumete

Lovers Only 4 ~あなただけを見つめて~

Company: Momo&Grapes
Based on: Original
Released: 2012.10.25

Lovers Only is a series that tells more mature love stories. Both in terms of being a bit more serious and not all fluff, and in that they tend to be more explicit. The fourth story is set in 18th century France (or something similar to it, the official description stated it was like 18th century France)

Richard du Barbier (? it is written as リシャール・ド・バルビア. CV: Inoue Kazuhiko) is a count who served in the army. After he came back home he started enjoying a free lifestyle: going out at night, flirting, and sleeping around. It has been 3 years since he married you, but the marriage was arranged and as a result his lifestyle hasn't changed at all. You never ask where he was when he returns late or didn't come home at all, and he just continues with his escapades.

Compared to the previous CDs, it took a little longer before you are introduced. Instead we first get a very good idea of the kind of life Richard is leading. We get to hear how he seduces women (including one who knows he has been sleeping with her sister) and the CD makes it very clear that he had a threesome somewhere in the beginning, he even boasts about it at a party the next evening.

You are finally introduced when Richard finally returns home in the morning after three days. He has just returned and his butler Alan is bathing him when you walk in. You ask him whether he wants breakfast but he just wants to sleep. You apparently had some plans for the day and head out. When Richard wakes up it is already night, but you are still not back. When you finally return somewhere past midnight he sees a man sitting in the coach you came back with and suddenly starts to suspect you are being unfaithful to him and he gets irritated (hypocrite). You tell him you were with his aunt, apparently the two of you are close.

He wonders about the man in the coach though, and orders Alan to follow you around and report what you are doing for a while. Being the loyal butler that he is, Alan does as he is told and according to his reports you occasionally meet with a young man. One day when Richard just returns home Alan reports that said young man just arrived and the two of you are walking in the gardens. Richard nearly snaps and walks straight to where you are to confront you about it. You try to tell him that it is just a misunderstanding, but the man you were with suddenly says that he loves you.

At that moment Richard really snaps, and by the sound of it he nearly punches the guy to death yelling at him that he won't hand you over to him, and he drags you back to the house. In fact he drags you straight to the bedroom and demands that you show him what you learned from sleeping with that guy. You finally break down crying, telling him that the guy (Maxime) was just a tutor. You continue with saying that becoming the wife of a noble was really hard due to all of the rules of society, and that all you were doing was trying to become a woman suitable to be Richard his wife, and that you have no idea why Maxime suddenly did what he did a few moments ago.

Richard realizes his own mistake, and tries to send you flowers and jewels and everything he can think of to regain your favour, but you are still down. Being completely out of ideas Richard asks his aunt for advice, who tells him that taking his wife to one of the many balls that he always attends would certainly cheer her up. And indeed you accept his invitation. Once there everyone is amazed by your grace (and the fact that Richard for once brought his wife, no doubt). At this point Richard finally realizes that he loves you, and takes you back home. The kissing already starts in the carriage back home, and by the time you arrive you are already in your underwear (which would btw still be covering your entire body considering the dress code of the day).

Richard carries you to the bedroom (walking past Alan who merely shows a faint smile but no surprise). The ero is.... on par with the last CD is suppose. (I can't... I just can't properly review scenes like this (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン) Although... Richard outright asking you to show him how you touch yourself and eventually guiding your hands (accompanied by the squelchy sound effects) might actually make this one come out on top.

The morning after is probably the best scene in the entire CD: Alan comes into the bedroom like nothing happened, stating that he expected that you would prefer to eat breakfast here so he took the liberty of already bringing it. This makes Richard realize that everything that happened was probably a scheme planned by Alan and his aunt, but he doesn't care because they made him realize he loves you.

First thing: the entire CD the only thing I could think while listening was "I wish this was voiced by Suwabe-san". For those who don't know: Suwabe Junichi was originally announced as the seiyuu for this CD, but due to miscommunication issues he eventually declined (most people assume that this was because he no longer does anything that has explicit scenes). Don't get me wrong, Inoue-san does a wonderful job, but I think Suwabe-san his voice would have indeed suited the character better.

Secondly, the story may have a happy ending but the beginning just doesn't sit right with me. You are really playing the part of an ideal wife here, forgiving your husband his repeated unfaithfulness and still loving him. But oh well. As for his open unfaithfulness, I'll have to admit that I don't know that much about the lifestyles of nobles in the 18th century, but I do know that affairs were a common thing at the French court, so I assume that it would have been accepted among nobility as well, as long as the scandals didn't get to big.

Speaking of historical information and such, I keep wondering about the scene where you end up undressed inside that coach... Dress styles keep changing so pin-pointing exactly what kind of dress you would have been wearing would be difficult, but what is certain is that the French dress styles in that period were very elaborate. Whatever you may have been wearing would not have been as elaborate as the dresses worn at the court, but would still have included multiple dress layers, a corset, and various layers of petticoats and/or under dresses. Taking that off inside a coach would likely have proven... difficult at the very least.

In the free talk Inoue-san answers all of the question in a semi-serious way. Although it feel strange to hear someone of his age talk about love interests or fetishes.... The moment where he reaches the question about gap-moe and he first doesn't know what it is amused me. His answer to what kind of costume/clothing he likes on woman made me laugh: he doesn't care, if possible they should be naked.

It certainly lives up to the reputation of the series, although I think we've reached a sort of glass ceiling in terms of how far the ero can go by now (although I should be careful with what I say, or they might actually prove me wrong). Nothing wrong with this though, so far the series has managed to deliver very explicit content while maintaining a sense of intimacy, and I fear that if they would try to up the ero level even further this balance would break which would be a shame. But in the end, I guess I really whish it would have been Suwabe Junichi who voiced this CD.

Vol.5 comes out later this month and will be voiced by Okiayu Ryoutarou and I'll admit that I am curious about that one. 


  1. I didn't know that Suwabe Junichi was planned for this CD! I love Suwabe Junichi's voice and I'd have probably died in pure bliss listening him doing this scene. >.<
    I'm just not a fan of Inoue Kazuhiko. He's a great Seiyuu, but I just can't forget, that he's already this old. xD
    Anyway, this is the first time I ever commented on one of your posts, so I just want to say, that I love following your blog! Please keep up the good work. ^^

    1. *waves* thanks for following~

      I have the same problem though. Almost every time I hear Inoue-san voice something a bit more risqué there is a voice in the back of my head going "you know how old he is right?". Then again, most seiyuu are much older then I am so it shouldn't be an argument... I have no idea why Inoue-san is the only one who I have this with, maybe because he is the only one that I have heard talk about his age?

    2. Maybe it's because I once saw a short clip of him and Junko Takeuchi on Youtube, since they're both Seiyuus for Naruto series. I was so surprised about his age. I always imagined him to be younger. ^^"

  2. I haven't tried this volume yet but I do think you're right on the money that Suwabe's voice would suit this character a bit better than Inoue-san. Once I've recovered from Kannou Jikan 9-Crimson, I'll get right to this one ^^

    1. Don't bother with recovering, or you can probably start all over again after listening to this xD

  3. You finally made this review, somehow I was really wishing you reviewed Lovers Only 4, but then you reviewed the last Shinsengumi... although it doesn't matter because, oh, Toshi's voice~

    The thing with Inoue-san voicing such a CD is maybe because he is an older seiyuu who does indeed sound like an old man? Don't the character from the CD illustration look a lot younger? I think that might be the point ^^;;
    Anyway, age also doesn't matter because, oh, Kazu's voice~

    1. I actually did review this one first, but then I switched it with the Shinsengumi one because I though more people would be interested in that one. Seems like I made a wrong assumption there xD

      Hmmm, I never really thought Inoue-san sounded 'old'. In fact, I think he doesn't sound his age at all. I think Richard is supposed to be somewhere end 20, judging by the picture maybe even begin 30, which I think is believable with Inoue-san his voice range.

      But then there that little voice in the back of my head again saying "no matter how sexy this man sounds, he could have been your granddad" xD

      But maybe you are right and I should just let go and enjoy his voice~

    2. Ah, I also love listening to his voice - please don't get me wrong - but I do feel like his voice is different from younger seiyuu, I mean, it's not as clean, instead, it's a rough voice... I don't know how to explain further, English is my second language (and Japanese is the third) ^^;;

      By the way, about the "Suwabe does not want to do 18+" thing... IMHO it's a big BS, really, because he voiced the protagonist of Kara no Shoujo, which is a 18+ eroge (male oriented), so he DOES 18+, and that makes me wonder why he (was it his fault after all?) declined voicing such an otome product? Hypocrisy much?

    3. No one really knows the why, and there are lots of different theories, but in the end everyone is just guessing.

      It might really have been a miscommunication (about the contents or otherwise) after all.

  4. Oh my I didn't know Suwabe was meant for the role. xD I agree, it could have been great...But...very dangerous though. :p
    Anyway, I kinda like Inoue's voice. Mostly because he's my first seiyuu crush with his role as Kakashi. xD

    This is my first comment on your blog. Most of the time I stay in the shadows. :p But I love reading your reviews and posts about upcoming releases! Thank you so much for the time you take for writting! \(^o^)/

    And last, I have a question, if I may. ^-^ Just like you, I'm looking forward to the next volume since I know Okki will doing it. But, when is the official realease date?
    I saw on Momogre website it will be late this month, as you said. But on 3 online shops I checked (Amazon, AmiAmi & Animate), it's set on 21 february. I'm kinda confused since I'd like to order it. o.O
    What do you think?

    1. Thank you for reading (*^-^*)

      Now that you mention it... the other sites indeed mention another date. My only guess is that it is first released in MomoGre their own shop, and then one month later in the others... thanks for pointing this out!

    2. You're welcome! ^3^ I have to say, your blog became my first source to chose my future purchase. :p I always check your News posts to see what will be released. ^^

      I see. That could be an explanation. I placed a request. I'll see when it'll arrive. xD
      Thanks for your reply! ;D

  5. While reading this review, I was totally wishing this pushed through with Suwabe. I thought it was just me, but later in the review you also mentioned the same thing. I'm not alone xD Didn't know the fact that Suwabe isn't doing anything explicit now is the reason why. I was kind of hoping he'd be in the later installments, but with a reason like that he'll probably not ^^;;

  6. THX U SOOO MUCH for all ur review as per usual :D
    i understand prety much most of it in jap but the beginning bit i was always confuse whether the character was in a 3p or the mistress jst introducing another girl!!! thx u for clearing that for me :D

    I too will b interested in suwabe~san as well!!! i think i reli will have died if he voice this one!!! i think, suwabe~san wud have made the character sound younger but i also reli reli reli luv inoue~san voice and making it sound mature-ish :D both good!!! I CANT WAIT TIL OKKI!!!! i hope suwabe will voice one of this in the series later on.

    thx heaps for ur r/v (my 1st time commenting as well) but i always check ur blog:D

    1. Well you are not wrong about the mistress introducing the girl, she was. But with the intent of having a 3P (^-^;;)

      And thank you for following (*^-^*)

  7. I haven't listened to this yet, but reading your review makes me want to give it a try.
    But, ugh, it's a shame Suwabe-san didn't push through with this role. =[ His voice strikes closer to home for me as he voices my favorite Atobe-sama (who's pretty much royalty in his own sense).
    Ah, but I can't judge Inoue-san too soon. Though I still have my reservations listening to dCDs with seiyuus as old as my parents. =/

  8. Hai,i'm a newbie in this R18 drama cd world,and i really love my new world xD
    I'm very glad find your blog,i can read so much reviews without guessing the drama good or not,because i'm not very good in english nor in japanese too >.<
    Umm maybe is just me,,i'm a fans of Inoue-san voices xD since i heard his voices in Inma 3 cd. I'm kinda fans for oyaji's voices,I really like his voice so mature,manly and sexy (keep my ears,my body and my heart warm hahahaha) sorry if my comment is disturbing and my english is not good >.<
    Thank you so much for your hard works for write so much good reviews :) cant wait for your next R18 drama cd reviews