Do-M Club ~Tensei Gakuen Housoubu~

ドM倶楽部 ~天醒学院放送部~

Company: Hobirecords
Based on: Original
Released: 2012.11.30
Official site: http://www.hobirecords.com/mclub/

The makers of the Yandere Heaven have released a CD that takes us to a whole different extreme: do-M. The basic setup of the CD is the same as in the Yandere Heaven series, you become the object of affection of two different characters who seem normal at first, but the further the story progresses the more their real personality starts to show. The CD has a separate ending for each of the two characters, as well as a 3P ending.

The story takes place at Tensei Gankuen, you are a member of the broadcasting club together with your classmate Tokiwa Tadashi (CV: Ono Yuuki). There are no other members, but the club advisor Aida Muneyuki (CV: Inoue Kazuhiko) is pretty much involved with anything you do.

Thanks to his pretty face and kind personality Tadashi is quite popular at school, to the point of having a fan club. You've known Tadashi since when you were little, and he once asked you out but you turned him down. This was the first time he was refused something, as a result of this he felt this was special and he would do anything to get you to refuse or scold him again.

Aida-sensei is a rather strict teacher. He was physically abused by his mother when he was a child, as a result of which he now associates physical pain with being loved. One day when hands you some papers he gets a paper cut, and while you put a band-aid on the cut you accidentally hurt him. As a result, he becomes obsessed with you.

The story takes place over a week time, and at the start both of them are still normal. Tadashi seems like a normal sweet guy, and Aida like a rather strict teacher. However through various incidents more and more of their do-M personality starts to show. Tadashi starts expressing his wish for you to scold him, or ask things of him that are difficult (like eating a bento with a lot of shishitou (green peppers) in it). Aida-sensei on the other hand gets increasingly vocal about wanting you to hurt him, and you discover that he has been hurting himself for a long time as well.

All of this eventually results in the two of them demanding you to choose between them. In Tadashi his ending he has been locked up in a small room at school for punching Aida-sensei. You come to visit him after class, and he is practically begging you to scold him because he "has been a bad child". You remain largely unresponsive (probably because you've figured out by now that he would enjoy it if you do get mad). Because you don't get mad at him he nearly throws himself out of the window, by which time you finally get mad, drag him back inside and scold him.

In Aida-sensei his ending he has you visiting him each day after class and he orders you to hurt him. He tells you he has been practising a certain way of binding someone with a rope, ordering you to tie the final knot and to pull it tighter. It doesn't end there though: after that he orders you to take pictures of him this way using his cellphone, and he is obviously thinking of spreading those in the school or on the net.

Throughout the entire CD you don't really actively participate in their fantasies. It is obvious that you didn't know about their do-M sides at first, and when it starts to show it is quite obvious that you are at first confused and later weirded out. Even in Aida-sensei his ending where you actually do a few things, this is only because he orders you to. All of this ends in the 3P ending though, where you are a full do-S dominatrix over both of them. I think making you normal instead of an dominatrix from the start was a good choice. This was all of your reactions are natural, and it is easier to place yourself in the heroine her shoes. That said, the 3P end was quite... interesting to listen to actually.

Overall this is less extreme then the Yandere Heaven series. Don't get me wrong, Tadashi and Aida their personalities are quite extreme actually, but because they are do-M there is less shit happening to you, and more to them. Still, I suppose this isn't for everyone. Nothing wrong with trying though, it gets progressively worse so you can always stop at a point where it gets too much.

I was really surprised when Inoue-san was announced as one of the cast members, but he did an amazing job (as to be expected from such a pro I suppose). Both of their performances were great for that matter. I just... I kind of wonder... how does it look when someone is recording something like this in the studio?

As the cast interviews on the website already indicated, Ono-san and Inoue-san did their recordings separately (altough Ono-san did get to hear some of the parts of Inoue-san his recording for when their character interacted), so obviously their cast comment separately as well. I can't help but feel like Ono-san his voice is still in do-M mode. It occasionally has the same higher pitched tone that he used for Tadashi his do-M parts, which makes me laugh.

I found this an interesting change after all of the yandere and do-s we've seen lately, but I don't see this turning into a series. Just like the Yandere Heaven series this isn't going to be for everyone, but in a whole different way. Hearing characters act all do-M towards you is weird, and I guess that whether you like/can endure it entirely depends on how much tolerance you have for this kind of thing.

(that said, I would be interested if they would make a mix of the series and introduce a do-M yandere character. That would be a combination I haven't seen yet and it seems sort of interesting).


  1. Interesting theme ... but I'm curious to know how the heroine seems reluctant at first to becoming a full do-S dominatrix O_O unless it's similar to the heroine in diabolik lovers?

    1. Basically there is no development in tat switch, it just, happens. Throughout the entire CD and the individual ending she is reluctant, yet in the 3P ending she is a full dominatrix.

      Personally I just regarded the 3P as a sort of omake (special) and a sort of "what if she did become that way" type of story.

      But I suppose it is something similar as Yui suddenly snapping and becoming a full do-M in the last DiaLovers CD in a way.

  2. I can't help but wonder what sort of personality a do-M yandere would have...

    1. He's stalk you, cling to you, beg you to scold him, become incredibly jealous of anyone you even look at, probably try to keep others away and/or kill them whenever they get "too close" (within 2 meters). Basically the kind of person that would kidnap you and lock you up in a dungeon and then ask you to whip HIM.

      or something like that?

      In other words: mentally completely unstable and probably too extreme for words.

  3. I became Do S&M after listen Diabolik lovers and Do m club...Two in one hahaha

    1. Nothing wrong with that, hehehe.

    2. and now I think I love to scold people haha I scold my ex-boyfriend til he cried = =

  4. lol. I actually found this a lot creepier than Yandere Heaven for some reason >.< I can't say I love Yandere Heaven, since sometimes I wonder why they never include a track where you're okay with being locked up since you kind of chose to be...

    Uh but yeah. I don't know why, but I was like 'wth is happening o.0' the whole time. I think I'm more of an S though D':?

    1. I don't think you "choose" to be locked up in any of the Yandere Heaven CDs (^-^;;) It is more like the situation escalated to a point where resistance is futile/will only result in you being killed even faster. But a non-yandere end would be an interesting idea actually.

      I don't think that being S or not has anything to do with liking this CD or not. By the time people act do-M to this extend I think most people would get second thoughts, which is a normal reaction for that matter xD

  5. Hello...

    Are there any news of a second volume in planning?

    I am a weirdo (read: do-S), but I liked this.

    1. For the moment there is no news about a second vol. But who knows what the future holds.

    2. Hey, thanks for replying! :3 I've been lurking around on your blog for long months now and I just wanna put it out here that I'm really glad you're sharing your experiences with the various CDs with the public! I find your reviews really interesting and useful!

  6. I was expecting Tadashi to go full on do-M yandere at some point, he certainly seemed a bit more unstable than Aida, it's a shame he didn't, like you said that would've been interesting to see (hear?).

    Now thanks to you, if they ever release a second volume (or a new Yandere Heaven...) I'll be greatly disappointed if we don't get a do-M Yandere ;__;

  7. Where can I download the drama cd?