Ai no Poem tsuki Kotoba-seme CD Vol.4

Tiara 愛のポエム付き言葉攻めCD Vol. 4

Company: Lantis
Based on: Original
Released: 2009.07.22

The Ai no Poem tsuki Kotoba-seme series is pretty much what it says on the tin: A CD that 'attacks' you with words, which also has a poem about love included. And by attacking I mean aiming directly at your heart and making you go dokidoki in a lot of ways. Vol 4 is voiced by Hatano Wataru and Abe Atsushi.

For this CD we once again have two seiyuu like in the first CD, but this time there is one story that features both of them.

You are taken to a distant castle where two brothers live. Their father gave you to them as a gift, with the message that they will have to see who gets you in the end yourself. The two brothers give you one month to choose between them, which also gives them one month to seduce you.

Despite being the more serious one, Noir (CV: Abe Atsushi) is the first one to make a move on you (although.... we'll get to that later). He runs into you in the garden one morning and walks with you a bit. When you touch one of the roses blooming in the garden you prick yourself. Noir immediately asks you to show your hand, and says that your blood looks inviting nope nope nope DiaLovers traumas. He takes you back inside to tend to your 'wound', which is when he discovers that you are covered in "tiny flower petals", and it turns out that Rouge drugged you last night and had some quality time with you. Noir decides to make you fall for him, starting with 'erasing those marks with his own kisses'. Afterwards he takes you to his room so that you can sleep (yeah right).

Rouge (CV: Hatano Wataru). Rouge is the more loose one of the two, never acting serious and basically sleeping all day. When he wakes up it is already night, and he discovers you in his brother's room. He goes to talk with you, and says he knows that you are actually a witch, but that he doesn't care about this and loves anyway. He also tells you that Noir would kill you if he discovered that you are a witch, but that he will love you. He also seems to have a bit of a brother complex.

When the night to choose comes you go to Rouge because of what he said, but the two draw their swords for a duel, but you throw yourself in front their blades to stop them. However it turns out that Noir knew who you were, and loved you anyway. Of course we need a happy ending, and when you kiss Noir the curse placed on you by the real witch is lifted (and you magically survive two stab wounds) and you decide to take another year to pick your actual groom.

And then  "CUT!!". Turns out this was all a recording for a movie. 'Rouge' tries to hit on you, but it turns out you were already dating 'Noir' for 6months xD

There are rose/flower metaphors everywhere in this CD. The description of the kissmarks on your neck as 'flower petals' really made me laugh though. The entire "castle with a rose garden" and the "curse lifted by a kiss" really gave this CD a fairytale vibe. The ending in which everything turned out to be a movie really caught me by surprise though!

I didn't even take the trouble of listening to the poem this time. Sorry.

In the free talk they have to talk about what they think is a 'romantic situation'. Hatano-san goes for a location where you can see the starts. Somewhere away from people and the city, where you can see a lot of stars. Abe-san his choice is when you are together in a car when it rains, because it sort of feels like being in your own world.  Also: Hatano-san his futagoo?!!!! was hilarious. (you need to hear it)

While nothing can beat a do-S character bound in chains, this CD did a pretty good job. The story is floating on a pink fairytale cloud and then suddenly they say things that made me giggle like an idiot. It is pretty short though, barely even 30min. It has also been a while since I listened to anything with Hatano-san. Too long.

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  1. This was actually my favorite of the Tiara series lol. I really like Abe's voice...
    I also thought of vampires when Abe was sucking your blood though >.< I was thinking maybe the story would turn into one where the twins were vampires but nope nope.
    It was really cute, though! And I'm glad I read your review, since they kept saying something about a witch and I wasn't sure what that was about..