Shinsengumi Mokuhiroku Wasurenagusa Vol.5 Hijikata Toshizou

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新撰組黙秘録 勿忘草 第伍巻 土方歲三

Company: Rejet
Based on: Original
Released: 2012.11.28
Official site: http://rejetweb.jp/wasurenagusa/

Shinsengumi Mokuhiroku Wasurenagusa (after this simply 'wasurenagusa') is a series based on several historically famous people within the shinsengumi. The concept of the CDs is "what if I could have been there (and fall in love with one of them)". So while they are based on historical people, the rest is all fiction. The series uses the dummy head mic for several scenes. The fifth CD features Hijikata Toshizou (CV: Hosoya Yoshimasa)

As always we start with an introduction and the raid on Ikedaya. From Hijikata his talk and actions it is obvious that he is a strict leader and down to business type of person. Back at headquarters after the raid Hijikata hears that someone brought in a wounded girl who got caught up in everything. He first wants them to throw you out, but goes to see you anyway. When you don't wake up he orders that your room and the hallway will be guarded, not excluding the possibility that you are a spy.

You go look for him yourself to ask whether you can work at the shinsengumi headquarters. You find him training the other shinsengumi members, but he flat out refuses to let you stay. However he agrees to it in the end (because Heisuke asked him). After which he continues with yelling at you that you shouldn't take the work here to lightly and that he doesn't trust you yet.

Some time afterwards Hijikata orders you to bring him tea, and you end up accidentally spilling the tea on him because you are nervous. And thus Hijikata orders you to take of his kimono for him. This is also where he starts calling you a "dog". His dog to be specific. Surprisingly he lets you off with just a kiss.

When it is reported that you might be working with the enemy he immediately has you brought to him and he starts to question you. Or rather, intimidate you. He gets really angry and even draws his sword to kill you, but because you start crying so hard he gives up (because if you really were a spy you wouldn't act this way). You didn't really betray the shinsengumi but your actions did lead to someone getting injured, and in a rare act of kindness he even accompanies you when you go to Kondo apologise for your mistakes.

He does appear to have a kinder side as well though. When you bring him water and a towel during his training he has a remarkably normal conversation with you. And when you see him secretly eating some of Kondo his sweets during Kondo his absence he even acts kind of cute. Hijikata sees Kondo as the ideal leader, and thus considers it his task to be the strict one.

When Hijikata is feeling vexed by Sannan (Yamanami Keisuke) leaving the shinsengumi,  you for some reason feel brave enough to actually speak up, which obviously annoys Hijikata and he starts to lecture you by tying up your hands, putting a collar on you and chaining you to a pillar before proceeding to undress you. The main ero scene comes a little bit later though. After Hijikata mistakenly thought you were running away (you were actually running an errand for Souji) he first actually apologises for his actions, but the end result is that he continues where he left off last time.

However in the middle of this he breaks down into tears. Saying that if the shinsengumi ever disbanded or Kondo and Souji would ever go away he would be all alone and wouldn't know what to do. He only calms down when you promise to stay by his side forever.

In his epilogue he is kinder again. While he does say that the shinsengumi is what comes first, he also says that you are the second most important thing, even before his own life. Not to mention that he straight out tells you that he loves you. Hearing those words after everything was just so worth it.

Hijikata is 1. Scary 2. Incredibly sexy, and 3. Surprisingly 'human'. The CD really introduces him as the 鬼副長 (demon vice captain) but gradually shows more and more of his human side. To the point where he eventually breaks down and opens up to you. At that moment I just wanted to hug him. The scene where he is secretly eating those sweets was also adorable.

After reading about the 'spilled tea scene' in the official outline of the CD I expected that to be the start of the main ero scene so I was surprised when it came so early. I'm still not sure whether you actually undressed him (or to what extend) though.

Hijikata calling you a dog an tying you up might be a bit more extreme that previous CDs, but I've lived through several Yandere Heaven and Dialovers CDs and no longer mind this at all (*´ω`*) Besides, Hosoya his voice. THAT VOICE. *cough* I mean, he did a very good job on this. He makes Hijikata sound incredibly intimidating, but also caring when needed. And at the part where he was crying his voice just broke my heart.

But the free talk is the main reason I am now only an inch away from adding Hosoya to my bias list. The free talk is pretty long (12min) and he spend most of it talking pretty seriously but in a way that is fun to listen. What really got me though is when he mentioned the lines that made the strongest impression on him: "こちを向け" ("Look here", or possibly "look at me"). The reason is that he would never be able to say that himself and it would be more like "would you please look here" or "I'd be happy if you were willing to look this way" and when he said that he sounded SO INCREDIBLY CUTE. Don't worry Hosoyan!! I'll look at you!!

If you ask me this was by far the best CD in the series yet. And the most intense one. I personally have little to no problems with the fact that you are tied up, but maybe my senses have gone a bit numb thanks to other series. I'm less in favour of being called "a dog" but if it is in a sexy voice like this I don't mind, hohoho.


  1. Ooh I got a mention ^^;; glad to share the link and so very happy to be reading a review right after the release. This was, I believe, Hosoyan's first dummy mic recording and even without overly-suggestive ero lines, he did sound so incredibly sexy (///V///) I love Hijikata's cute side as well, specifically where he couln't find Kondo, and he decides to sample the sweets, only to be caught by the heroine! XD

    I wouldn't be too surprised to see that this one from the series would be your favorite so far (only one left after this!), seeing Hosoyan did a great job as Hijikata and you seem to have a thing for unexpected turn of events ^^

    As for me my faves are on almost equal terms with Saitou, Souji and Heisuke because I'm utterly biased with Tattsun and Hiro and, well, Saitou and his beautiful flowery cover art got me smitten hard, so <3

    Ah, as always, thanks for the detailed and lengthy reviews ^_^

    1. Of course you get a mention!! You helped me a lot with this (^-^)

      I love all of the covers, haha. The art and composition is just so pretty. Not to mention how sexy some of them are *nosebleed*

  2. I can't agree more! I wrote a review of some sort myself (up on my LJ), just for the fun of it and to keep track of my thoughts and emotions (since I've been waiting for this since months ago :3 ) and we basically said the same thing - his stern side, his human-ness and the fact that he could be adorable :3
    Hosoya has been my top bias for about a year now. This CD just strengthened his spot in my top list xD

    I've always liked this site and the reviews you write, but for this one I really want to give you sweets...a mountain of them if I could. Thank you very much for this review! <3

    1. Awww, you are adorable!! *hug*

      I tracked down your review (stalker skills, hehehe) and I agree with everything you say so much!! Especially about this (lack of) ero despite this being wasurenagusa - but that it on the other hand might have been better this way.

      I haven't listened to Kiss x Kiss yet and completely forgot Hosoya did one of those, and after you mentioning it I've become preeeetty interested actually.

  3. y-you saw it??! >////< *runs away*
    It feels nice to have someone I've been reading from for quite sometime agree with something I wrote ^^;;

    I'd like to read your review of Hosoya's KissxKiss one of these days ^^

  4. LOL I got this CD haven't gotten around to listen to it yet but this certainly is interesting. Thanks for the review!