Love me, I'm you pet darling

Or in other words: The Aishite Ageru iPhone App. The English title sounds a bit... weird but oh well. No complaining when they went to the trouble of properly localizing it for us!! The App is based on Aishite Ageru Vol.2. Just like in the CD the setting is that you are Okamura Kouhei (CV: Morikawa Toshiyuki) his pet sparrow "Yuki".

And I really mean localizing, because Visualworks has gone to the trouble of translating the app into English for us. All of the menu's, buttons, explanation, settings, and even subs for what Kouhei is saying. For the most part the translation is solid, too. The app itself is free, but you can buy extra voice packs in the in-app store.

When you start the app you are greeted by the starting screen. From there you can go into touch mode, the settings, in-app shop, the album with all of the phrases you've already heard, and a link to the animate online store. When you open the app for the first time a short explanation will pop up as well. Tap on the touch mode button to, well, go to touch mode.


When you tap on touch mode you first get another short explanation. Touch mode has two different modes, you get different scenes depending on which one you are in. The one you start in has more general lines, slide the screen to the left and you'll get some sweeter lines. I haven't listened to the CD yet, but I'm assuming all of them come from the CD. You can also view the character profile from here.

The settings are pretty straight forward. You can turn the alarm of or on, and set the alarm time and volume. Below that you can set the Alarm voice, but if you haven't bought any voice packs there will be only one option. Other than that there are the snooze and vibration options, and you can turn the subtitles on or off.

The alarm voice is a bit akward if you ask me. He thanks you for waking him up, but being thanked by my own alarm is a bit... It is supposed to wake me up, not the other way around xD

In the shop you can buy extra voice packs, there are three extra packs at the moment: a comfort pack, a lovey-dovey pack, and a Yuki prank pack. (I'm actually kind of curious about that last one)

I'm not sure how many lines come with each pack, if someone knows please tell me m(_ _)m


In the album screen you can view all the lines that you have unlocked up to now. Select them to listen to them. No matter how much I poked, I could only get Kouhei to say five different lines in each mode, so I'm afraid that the rest is only unlocked after you buy the voice packs (T-T)

I was really surprised when I saw that the App was fully translated. Until now most of the Apps like this are still in Japanese, even if they have an English summary in the iTunes store. The screen shots in the store were also mostly Japanese, so the actual app being in English when you open it really came as a surprise. (and then it turned out the Shuukan Soine App has also been translated by now, haha)

I really hope that this becomes the standard. (Honey Bee I'm looking at you and your Starry Sky Apps!!)

If I were to say one tiny complaint about this app, is this that we only get one visual. Granted, it is a pretty one, but it is exactly the same as the CD cover and it is the only one used in the entire app. You're not telling me they didn't have some sort of sketch or something lying around that they could have thrown in there.

Only one visual or not, I'm considering buying the voice packs just to show support, in the hope that Visualworks will translate more (upcoming) Apps.

Download the App here: Love me, I'm your pet darling  [JAP]

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  1. This looks lovely and the pet looks very cute too! (*゚▽゚)ノ
    The English localisation looks good ^o^

    Too bad I don't have an i-(fill in blank) >3<