O.To.Na Gentei oTogame CD Penalty III

オ・ト・ナ限定 お咎めCD Penalty III

Company: Colombia
Based on: Original
Released: 2012.03.21
Official Site: http://columbia.jp/otonagentei/

Otogame CD is a series in which the characters 'scold' you. That is, in a loving way. The kind of things you say to a person because you care about them, like "don't be out late at night, something could happen". Each CD has two characters, in the third vol we have a German count, and the owner of a French restaurant. The series is recorded with the dummy head mic, so at times the characters also whisper close to your ear.

Like I said, the characters scold you, but not in an angry kind of way. It is actually really cute to hear. Each character has 5 tracks, all of them depicting a different situation. Just like in the Kanbyou CD's, there is very little that could be considered 'adult only', despite the title.

The first character is Christoff Haruto von Königsberg (CV: Kakihara Tetsuya) a German count who for is in Japan from time to time for his work, whatever that may actually be. At first he seemed like your typical sweet obochama, but he does tease you a bit.

The first track is about you not being able to say no (which is immediately called typically Japanese, of course), the second one is about you gaining weight, and he teases you about drinking too much beer xD. The third track is about you being a wallflower, the fourth track about you not voicing your feelings, and the final one about you telling a (small) lie.

Throughout the tracks there is some German, which always makes me laugh but the pronunciation is actually very good. ( I kept being amazed by his German, until I did some research and discovered that Kakihara-san was born in Germany and lived there for 18years. It makes sense now, ahaha). The last track is quite amusing; you've come to Germany to meet his family, and he tells you he is going to introduce you as his fiancée. It is only after saying so, that he actually asks you to merry him (in German).

The second character Kinosaki Kakeru (?) (CV:Chiba Shigeru) came as a bit of a surprise for me. Of course the character description states that he is 53, but somehow I hadn't registered what that actually means. It means he sounds old too, and I discovered that that really isn't my thing.

Either way, Kakeru is the owner of a French restaurant. It seems like you know each longer than your business trip to Paris though, which is the stage for the first track. Kakeru thinks you are too serious about everything, and takes you for a boat trip on the Seine. The second track is about being naive, the third one about working too hard, the fourth one about not thinking things through and whether you should like him or not, and the final one about what happiness is.

I kind of liked the third one, he is in full waiter mode, which is a lot better than his normal flirty attitude. In the fourth one he is actually really mad at you, making him the only character in the series who is actually mad. After that the conversation changes to whether you should like him or not. At first he tries to discourage you (cue me celebrating) but eventually he does give in. But I don't want to date a 50year old geezer (T^T)

This is definitely the weirdest entry in the series, or at least the one where need the most tolerance against unlikely situations. I mean, the odds of meeting (and getting to date) a count and being taken on cruises and high class dinner parties are rather slim the last time I checked. The second half of the CD was a real turn off for me, and I had to force myself to listen to all of it.

Personally I definitely liked the first two CDs better. This one was getting a bit too strange for my tastes, and neither of the characters are really my type. The other CD's seemed plausible, the situations where things that could actually happen, this was a bit too far from reality for the concept.

This also made me realize I really don't like ossan characters. I was planning to listen to Ojisama Senka, but now that I have experienced this that has been moved down the list a bit...


  1. Heys! I agree with you on the second character LOLS! I too don't wanna date a 50yr old geezer! Haha, I didn't read the review.
    ( Σ(゚□゚; ) ) shock that he is 53! I was the voice that gave me a shock hahaha! Thanks for your reviews :) looking forward to more of it!

  2. I'm personally all for the Ojisama-type characters though they aren't everyone's thing, kinda like how some do-s//do-m CD's require you to seriously be an M to enjoy them. Ojisama Senka was probably to blame for my getting into the Ojisama type, I do urge you to give it a try.

    Another thing, I just feel like mentioning that I read your blog all the time and I really really want to thank you for taking the time to review and update us on these CD's. We really appreciate it and I love reading your reviews so thank you so much <3

    1. I do still plan to listen to Ojisama Senka. This CD gave me a bit of a scare, but I'm adventurous enough to give it a second try.

      And thank you for your comment!! (*´ェ`*)ポッ

  3. I'm a total oyaji addict, so I actually loved Kakeru's side of the CD.

    That being said, he's certainly a lot, ah...curmudgeonly-er than most Otome CD oyaji (I don't think I've ever been shouted at like that before, the closet thing I can think of is Hajime's ending in Yandere Heaven 3). Ojisama Senka's guys are definitely on the softer side: in Volume 1 they all treat you like a princess (^___^), and in Volume 3, the worst you hear is Fujiwara Keiji's character being adorably defensive about his cooking. XD

    Another thing I'd factor in is that this CD's the only one I've heard where I actually went 'whoa, he sounds OLD'. I think it might be that Chiba Shigure's voice is...kinda scratchy? Even the fifty-ish guy in Double Score could maybe pass for thirty or so, cos he just sounds DEEP, but with Shigure...you KNOW that's a fifty-plus dude in the studio. XD

    1. Maybe because of the visuals, but Ninomiya in Double Score does sound older than 30 and more like the 50-something that he is supposed to be. But his voice is less raspy making it a bit better.

      Despite my initial dislike of the idea, I've become quite interested in Double Score though. The sample tracks convinced me to give it a try.