Kareshi Igai 3 ~Kouhai to no Ayamachi~


Company: Cineria
Based on: Original
Released: 2012.04.27
Official site: http://www.ike-men.net

Kareshi Igai is a series that gives you the strange experience of... cheating on your boyfriend. With a drama CD. Yeah. The concept here is that you already have a boyfriend, but that there is also someone else in your life. In the third CD you make the mistake with a kouhai from work.

Kanamori Tsubame (CV: Okamoto Nobuhiko) is your kouhai at work. It looks like you are often working together on things, which is how you know each other. During one project you both need to work overtime together, which is when you get to know him a bit better. He talks about wanting to go to an all-you-can-eat cake buffet, but doesn't want to go alone and has no-one to go with. You promise him to go together some time. He asks your phone number that time, and invites you to a drink with him sometime later. You start drinking at an izakaya, but eventually end up at his place...

Tsubame often acts a bit childish,  a bit bratty, and is very straight forward. He isn't very good with Keigo (polite speech) which is something you point out several times. When he gets excited he starts to talk really fast, which is kind of cute. He likes sweets, games, and cats.

This CD seemed a it livelier than the previous instalments. Probably largely because of Tsubame his personality, but also because of Sato-chin (CV: Ishii Satoshi) who works at the Izakaya where you go for a drink together. He is much to energetic and much too talkative, but it is kind of fun to hear him and Tsubame interact.

Something else that made me smile is that all three characters from the series work at the same company. Tsubame talks about Takano (from vol.1) and Makabe (from vol.2). Sadly Tsubame isn't listed among the cast of the upcoming spin-off CD though...

Tsubame turns pretty assertive once he has you at his place, but he warned you about that. His reaction on the morning after ("ah, so it wasn't a dream") was gold. However, he does seem genuinely hurt when you tell him that you need to go back to your boyfriend.

Like before there are two endings, both taking place 6months later. In the 'bad' ending your relationship has turned into a 100% office affair, with you doing all kinds of things in the meeting room. In the good ending you are now properly dating, and Tsubame is always worried about you being alone with other guys.

In the free talk Okamoto-san talks about how he and Tsubame are alike (because they both like games and sweets) and eventually gets completely off track. It is absolutely cute how he urges us to never do anything like this in real life though (*^-^*)

Tsubame definitely isn't my type, but I did like his honesty (which is why I dislike the bad ending, you broke him!). The scenario itself was pretty realistic, just like in the first CD. Best be wary of these kinds of situations I suppose xD


  1. Okamoto-san voice paired up with the character just made this CD for me.

    His reaction in the morning after broke my heart. I almost cried! :c

    1. I know, his reaction to you leaving is so heartbreaking. Which is why the bad end was also a bit of a surprise for me. I didn't expect someone who was so hurt to continue an affair.