Weekly News Post

I discovered through the tumblr of the lovely Berselium that the Healing Stone CD's are available on iTunes. The USA iTunes store has them, and at least the Dutch one (where I have an account) has them too, so hopefully they are available globally. Search for "yumoriseki" or simply "yumori" and you should be able to find them.

They have been available for quite some time judging by the iTunes release date, but I though it was worth a mention. As of yet these are the only drama CD's I know on iTunes. If anyone knows any others, please let me know. So I can buy more stuff.

Lovers Only
Momo & Grapes their Lovers Only series continues. LOVERS ONLY2/ラブストーリーは君と (Lovers Only 2 / My love story is with you) will be voiced by Toriumi Kousuke and is planned for a 2012.04.26 release.

The story takes a whole different route than the more realistic last one. This time it is a story about the love between an angel and a human girl. The angels is sent to earth as a sort of cupid, but falls in love with a human girl. The official site describes it as the "sweet and painful story of the love and farewell between an angel and a human" so it looks like the story isn't going to end well. Now... I need to get my hands on the first CD...

Kareshi Igai
The cover for Kareshi Igai is up on the official Cineria Blog, and I have to say it looks quite scary. A link on the front page of the official site already links to their Kareshi Igai page, but so far vol.3 hasn't been added yet. I expect it will be soon though.

Flowershop he Youkoso
Just yesterday the official site for Flowershop he Youkoso (welcome to the flowershop) opened. We've got some visuals, a list of seiyuu, and a release date, but no info on the plot yet. As for the seiyuu, Yusa Kouji, Suwabe Junichi, Ishida Akira, Kobatashi Kiyoshi, and Eguchi Takuya are listed. Animate offers some info on the story; it is a comedy drama that centres on a certain flower shop, and the pretty guys that work at/often frequent the shop. Also, I am so stealing their background for future use.

Sasayaki Micchaku CD
It looks like the second CD will have a completely different setting. The charming hairdresser Michael (CV: Toriumi Kousuke) recently started his own salon. Michael (picture to the right) has an unrequited love for a certain customer (read: you) at his old salon, and today is the first time you visit his new salon. Looks like most of the situations will come from his treatment this time?

Miracle Train
Apparently, there is an entire series of drama CD's based on gijinka train stations. Yes, personified train stations. And a new one based on Aoyama-Ichome, voiced by Fukuyama Jun is planned for a 2012.04.13 release. I have no idea what these CD's are like, but this is so absurd and amusing I need to get my hands on it. The CD is a limited edition though, orders are open until 2012.04.13.


  1. I did notice Yumoriseki (so happy when I found it XD) at iTunes and the Disney Date CD was at iTunes Japan too <3

    Kanbyou CD Karte I-III
    Ouji-sama to Date -Love Summit- CD

    I saw Tokimeki Memorial Girls' Side stuff there as well :D and there is a Yandere Kareshi app..

    If they make it available on iTunes, I can buy them if I want to x3


  2. who voice actor in the new kareshi igai?

  3. Oh dear, did I forgot to mention that? (^-^;;)
    But yeah, like Shirayuki says, Okamoto Nobuhiko will be voicing Kareshi Igai 3.

  4. @あまや: I'm mostly looking for things outside of the Japanese store. If it means they'll bring me more I am willing to buy almost everything, mwahahaha.