Yandere Heaven ~karei naru Saionji-ke Hen~ Tokuten

ヤンデレ天国(ヘブン)~華麗なる西園寺家編~ アニメイト特典  
ヤンデレ天国(ヘブン)~華麗なる西園寺家編~ ステラワース特典

Company: Holic Works
Based on: Original
Released: 2011.12.29
Official site: http://www.hobirecords.com/yandere5/

Yandere Heaven is a series in which you (the listener) become the object of affection of two rather dangerous characters. In the beginning things seem ok, but then their love becomes obsessive. This time you are loved by the twins Saionji Ran (CV: Sakurai Takahiro) and Wakasa (CV: Hatano Wataru)

If you ordered the CD at either Animate or Stellworth, you would get a special CD that tell the story of what would have happened if you choose neither, and the three of you continued to live together. Order at Animate and you would get the Ran version, order at Stellaworth and you would get the Wakasa version.

Instead of choosing one of the two brothers in the main drama, you continue to live together with the three of you. Ran and Wakasa have made 3 rules: 1. they can spend a day with you alone, this rotates on a daily basis (one day with Ran, one day with Wakasa, and so on). 2. No days are skipped. 3. You spend the night with the three of you. If they break any of these rules they will have to leave the mansion.

Ran version:
Ran wakes up first, and sees both you and Wakasa still sleeping beside him. Wakasa seems to be having some sort of dream where he is fighting someone RPG style. It is Ran his turn to spend the day with you, so he wants Wakasa out of the room. Wakasa still wants to sleep however, so Ran threatens him with a paper knife to get him out. You're still sleepy though, and Ran says you must still be tired because 'Wakasa wanted to try out a lot of things last night', so he lets you sleep a little bit more while he contemplates on the current situation.

Wakasa version:
Wakasa wakes up to find you still sleeping, but Ran already awake. Ran mentions that he didn't sleep much because of all the things Wakasa did last night, and asks him whether he noticed that you actually passed out in the middle of it. Wakasa seems to be sorry for not noticing that (wut?!?) but replies that Ran seemed to be enjoying watching it, and that he still has 'a lot of things that he wants to try out with the three of you together'. After that he throws Ran out so that he can spend the rest of the day with you. While you are cooking something, Wakasa contemplates on the current situation.

Both brothers lament about the fact that in the end they couldn't betray each other, and that even though they are not fully content with the current situation, this seems to be the only option. I'll have to admit that it is a highly... unusual situation. Except for Ran threatening Wakasa with a paper knife, there is not much yandere going on here. But it does make you realize that the situation that you are currently in is... tiring? dangerous? insane? I don't know what to say really.

I was mainly rather surprised at what Wakasa is implied to be doing. I don't really like these much as an addition to the main drama. Nothing much happens, but the implications of what is going on... this is one situation you definitely don't want to be in. 

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  1. Thank you for the elaborate review. This certainly helped me when I was listening to the CDs (since my understanding of japanese is close to none).