Danna Catalogue vol.02

旦那カタログ Vol.2 特集:甘えん坊旦那様orツンデレ旦那様

Company: Honey Bee
Based on: Original
Released: 2009.02.27
Official site: http://www.honeybee-cd.com/master_top.html

Danna Catalogue is a series that lets you choose a husband and experience a few moments of married life. Each vol has two characters that are usually the opposite of each other personality wise. This time we have an 'Amaenbou' (a bit of a spoiled child) and a Tsundere character.

Kaoru (CV: Toriumi Kousuke) is an 'amaenbou' character. This translates to 'a spoiled child', but think of someone who (sometimes) acts somewhat childish and pouts a lot. Needless to say he is pretty genki as well. Kaoru is a patissier, so even his work is sweet (゚∇^*)

All of his tracks are pretty cute, but I think the cutest one is track where he says you should save up money to go on vacation. The idea is that instead of going out, you save the amount of money that you think you would have spent if you had gone out. But almost immediately after that he starts pouting because that means you will be going on dates less.

Miyabi (CV: Kishio Daisuke) is a tsundere character, and 100% so. He'd never admit that he missed you or anything, instead saying things like 'I thought you'd be lonely' or stuff like that. Although, in some occasions he does admit it. He works as a sommelier, and seems to be quite the serious worker. His character description has an entire background story on how you used to be dating in high school, then broke up, ran into each other again years later and started dating again, but to be honest there is no trace of all that in the CD.

I liked Miyabi a lot more, mostly because his reactions are cute and somehow endearing. Despite trying to deny all kinds of things he is actually pretty cute, and because he doesn't want to outright say that he loves you (or misses you, or that you are cute) he gets himself into all sorts of strange situations trying to deny things. Some of the cutest examples are when he had a bad dream, or the time he tries to convince you to buy matching pyjama's. But the sweetest track by far is the one where he admits that he isn't always straight with his feelings, but that he wants to try and become a better person for you. Heartmelting to the max.

Both of them have an 'argument' track. Although, to what extend these are actually arguments one can wonder. Kaoru wants to watch TV with you, but you have things to do. So he runs off saying he'll cheat on you, but comes back a little later asking why you didn't came after him (you were making his favourite food, so he is super happy and apologises). Miyabi comes back home tired and wants you to do all kinds of things and complains about everything and anything. But when you react pretty cold he becomes all worried and ends up apologising.

I'm still not a fan of amaenbou characters (I am one myself, I don't need my boyfriend to act like one) but this CD showed me the charms of tsundere. It is just so endearing to see someone say something sweet and then get all flustered and try to deny it. So this time, Miyabi is my fav!

Another CD full of faaaar to sweet situations and phrases. But secretly a lot of fun to listen to. I think I liked this one better than the first one, though it is hard to choose.

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