Sakurazawa Kousei no Kirakira Lesson


Company: Broccolli
Based on: Original
Released: 2010.07.28
Official Site: http://www.broccoli.co.jp/cd/sp/lovelesson/

Koisuru Lesson is a series in which you date your instructor/teacher. Each vol. has a different character that teaches something (cooking, violin, English, etc). The setting is that you are both a student and the girlfriend of said character. There are six CD's in total, divided in pairs, and the characters make cameo appearances in the CD they are paired with.

This CD has Sakurazawa Kousei (CV: Suzumura Kenichi) who teaches Ikebana and is the heir of a famous Ikebana school. He is a bit of an airhead and rather lively, and incredibly wealthy apparently. In the first track he is visiting cafe Platina, which is owned by Nashimoto Fumiya (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke). He wonders where he should take you on a date, with options like the opera, a cruise, or a helicopter flight. For someone who is only 19 years old, he seems to have a lot of money to spend.

The second track is a short scene from one of his lessons. Despite his airheaded and genki nature, he really does seem to be serious when it comes to Ikebana. Although he definitely shows a soft spot for you.

The third track is your date, you said you wanted to go shopping and thus you go shopping together. You can imagine how shopping with someone who has too much money is. Kousei picks all kinds of things for you to try, and the shop assistant is all too willing to bring even more things for you to try. Personally, I felt like a dressing doll.

In the last track Kousei takes you to a hotel. No not for that, it is apparently pretty famous for picking only real Ikebana masters to do their flower arrangements, so Kousei wanted to show that to you. On your way back he says he wished that you could always be at his side, which ends in him sort of proposing to you. Of course when you say yes, he immediately starts making al sorts of plans for the wedding xD

Kousei sounds a bit childish, but genki characters have never been my thing so I suppose that is simply a matter of preference. (although he is the youngest character in the series). I would have liked it if they showed more of the student-teacher part of your relationship, but Kousei doesn't really have the personality for that so maybe other characters show that a bit more.

Like I described above, Nashimoto Fumiya also makes an appearance in this CD. The contrast between the calm and gentle Fumiya and the rather impulsive Kousei is pretty amusing to listen to, but if anything it made me want to listen to his CD.

This is a cute CD, unfortunately for me I'm just not that into genki characters like Kousei. I like the cameo thing, and the fact that there are a few other voiced characters (the women from your Ikebana class, the shop assistant). Somehow this makes a CD much more lively.

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  1. lol I found it so funny when Kousei thought that his girlfriend didn't like him! It was so cute lol. He is definitely childish though....his chat with Fumiya...