Key Releases

Hiiiiii! We've got a new feature this month! Starting this month I'll put up a list with key releases on the first of the month. Keep in mind that these are not all the releases for this month (because I am bound to miss some -maybe even many- things) but important, interesting, and major releases are definitely there!!

2011.12.02: Shuukan Soine vol.9: Takahiro
2011.12.02 Marukawakun no nekotachi vol.2: Natsu Cinema
2011.12.09 Sengoku Paradise vol.1 ~Dashi no Kime Te~
2011.12.09: Shuukan Soine vol.10: Yuusei
2011.12.14: Amemakura vol.1: Subaru
2011.12.14: Hakuouki: Kanou Emaki
2011.12.14: Zero no Kiseki vol.1
2011.12.14: Zero no Kiseki ~Youkou no Nuumori ni dakarete~
2011.12.16: Shuukan Soine vol.11: Touma
2011.12.21: Brothers Conflict Character CD vol.3
2011.12.21: Diabolik Lovers Do-S Kyuuketsuki CD vol.1: Ayato
2011.12.21: Hanayaka kana, Waga Ichiya: ~Miyanomori Trouble~
2011.12.21: Hells Kitchen
2011.12.21: Storm Lover: Koi no Study Session
2011.12.21: Uta☆Puri Debut Unit CD Reiji & Otoya & Tokiya
2011.12.21: VitaminX Detective B6 Vol.1
2011.12.21: Voice Color Series vol.11: Shoukei
2011.12.24: Kareshi Igai 2 ~Joushi to no ayamachi~
2011.12.22: Shuukan Soine vol.12: Satoshi
2011.12.28: Honeymoon vol.2: Kousaka Otoya
2011.12.29: Chou-Sekkingata♥Sasayaki Chakumitsu CD
2011.12.29: Full Score 2nd Season vol.3
2011.12.29: Yandere Heaven vol.5: Karei naru Saionjike Hen

I can't wait for the rest of the Shuukan Soine CDs (especially the last one!!) and of course Yandere Heaven!! (Yandere Sakurai, here I come) (>w<). Amemakura I'm also very interested in, as well as Honeymoon, but that one will have to wait until I've listened to the first. Diabolik Lovers and Sasayaki Chakumitsu CD also seem very interesting, but I'm running into budgetary problems here.

What are your favourites? Did I miss something? Getting any of these for Christmas? :)


  1. Even though this is not related but yes you missed Hirakawa Daisuke DICE ALBUM.
    lmao. if you haven't listened to it I urge you to go listen to it now. The collab with Fujita Maiko is pureoverkill.

    I think i'm having the same yandere dose as you. LOL. No word can describe how I wait patiently for Yandere Heaven.

    Hells kitchen? Like..what? These food drama CD is making me craving all the time lol.

    Shukan Soine Vol 12 and DIABOLIK LOVERS ; hnng Midorin hnnng. I'll wait for your arrival (ノ∇・、)

    Have you listened to 愛のポエム付き言葉攻めCD Tiara by LANTIS drama CD? http://www.lantis.jp/tiara/recommend/index.html
    Such a niii~ce CD especially Hirarin's...hehehe xD

  2. Yandere love~ xD

    Hmmm, I did come by the series once but didn't listen to it. But if you say I should 8D *scurries off to find it*

  3. Could someone possibly give a tiny plot summary of Diabolik Lovers CD's? I've seen a few things here and there like the covers and a few CV's but not enough to buy sight unseen. Does it go with a game? Forgive me if this has been posted elsewhere here, just point me in the right direction to find it. Thanks-LOVE this blog.

  4. There is a bit more info in one of the news posts, but not much of a plot is known yet. Your dad needs to go abroad for work, so you end up living with 6siblings that go to the same school as you do. And then it turns out that they are vampires ;)

    This is a multimedia project, starting with the drama CD's. Otomate will also be developing a game that will be released somewhere in 2012 (presumably, after all the CD's have been released).

    I expect that the drama CD's will be more character driven, and that the game will feature more overall plot. No info about the game yet though, so we'll have to wait until Otomate opens an official site (^-^)