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To start with some non drama CD news: I officially have a tumblr now. It's over here. Of course drama CD's are heavily featured, but there is also other stuff that interests me. Just keep in mind that, while this blog and the tumblr are somewhat related, this blog is for proper reviews while the tumblr is for random remarks and incoherent posts.

Oujisma (warai) series
Both Oujisama (warai) Variety drama 2 and Oujisama (warai) IF ~Oujisama Gakuen~ will go on sale on 2012.01.25, but both will be available beforehand at the winter Comiket.

For those who have bought both the first vacation CD and the second vacation CD (the variety drama's, they shouldn't change the titles, it is confusing): a special CD called 'Hadaka no Oujisama' will be gisfted as a bonus if you send the special coupons found on both CD to frontier works. (I have no idea whether this will also work for those living outside of Japan). Thanks to Annadiel for pointing this out!!

Kannou Mukashi Banashi
The staff just posted a picture of the Kannou CD box on their blog. It looks like besides the first 6CD's (the box is for the first season, meaning the first 6CD's) a seventh CD which includes a story for Puss in Boots. Which is kind of strange considering that the cover of the box is from Bluebeard. Let's just hope the box holds more surprises.

Another blog post mentions a limited edition drama CD that will be sold at 5pb's "Otome Carnival": a dramatized version of how Kannou Mukashi banashi came to be (if I'm understanding this right, the announcement has me majorly confused). A version of 'the ugly duckling', done by 10(!) seiyuu will also be read live.

La Storia della Arcana Famiglia
The release list on frontier works their homepage lists a drama CD for Arcana Famiglia titled  アルカナ・ファミリア」capitolo 1 ~アーレ! ノヴィーツィア! 頑張れ新米幹部~ (Arcana Famiglia capitulo 1 ~Ale! Novicia! Ganbare shinmai kanbu!~) to be released on 2012.01.25

a CM for the first Honeymoon CD is online, you can listen to it here. As expected Hirakawa-san is voicing a much too sweet character again. But I will not complain as long as I can get married to his voice.

Chou-Sekkingata♥Sasayaki Micchaku
超接近型♥ささやき密着CD will be released on 2011.12.29. In this CD drama DJ Chakumitsu (CV: Ono Daisuke) will host the fictional radio show 'Hanran BANG☆JOE in which he reads out letters about very 'close' situations and party enact them. (Micchaku mean 'closely related'. In this case they mean 'very close together' though). Part of it is recorded with the Dummy Head Mic.

DJ Chakumitsu his personality is, strange at best xD According to the official site he is a super popular DJ that just came back from LA. He hosts the (fictional) radio show BANG☆JOE and the theme for this week is 'your close encounters'. The fact that he just came back from LA is shown is his rather strange way of speaking and gratuitous random English. None the less, I'm interested in how this turns out, it reminds me a bit of Danshi ha Minna BL!! (which is, btw, still the only BL related review on this blog)

ps: just to make sure this is clear: this is not an actual radio show, but a drama CD that imitates one.

IM crcl
An explanation on what IM crcl (read: IM kurakura) exactly is, is online on IM their site now. Apparently IM crlcl are drama CDs bundled with small goods. For example, the first entry to the series is a story where Are you Alice transforms into the Match-selling Girl, and comes with a small matchbox shaped box. (Release 2012.01.10)

VitaminX Detective
The next game in the Vitamin series is not even released yet (in fact, the official site still lists it as planned for release in 2012) but two drama CDs are already anounced: VitaminX Detective B6 Vol.1&2 are planned for release on 2011.12.21 and Januari 2012. According to the animate site it will feature the background of the character from before they formed the detective unit B6.

Voice Color Series
I can't remember whether I already mentioned this or not, but better safe then sorry so here goes: Voice Color vol.11~Shoukei~ will be released on 2011.12.21. The theme this time is 'longing' and the voice actor will be Toriumi Kousuke

Yandere Heaven
And last but definitely not least: Yandere Heaven vol.5 is.a.fact.*Celebrations*!!! ヤンデレ天国 ~華麗なる西園寺家編~ (Yandere Heaven ~Karei naru Saionjike Hen~) is listed for 2011.12.29 on the animate website. Hmmm, the title looks similar to the last one. Apparently the two characters this time are twin brothers, the setting is an old mansion.

There is an old mansion on the outskirts of town that no one dares to come close to, and while the townspeople whisper about it noone really knows who lives there. Then one day, you visit the mansion to go and work there. When you ring the doorbell the twin brothers that are the owners of the house answer the door....

I'm not sure about the names for the two brothers, because their are written with rather exotic kanji, but if I'd have to guess: Araki (the younger one) and Wakase (the older one). Their Seiyuu are Sakurai Takahiro and Hatano Wataru.

...!!  ...!! ........... !!!!!!! Sakurai is doing a yandere character?!?! This CD was made for me, I just know it


  1. hey I also have tumblr! /follows you
    *trying to be your stalker* 8D

    Very excited for Arcana because the game is really I mean really nice! And the characters even the heroine is amusing! samw goes to Honeymoon. Hirarin~

    I can't see other things other than Yandere Heaven 5. ワーイヽ(゚∀゚ヽ 三 ノ゚∀゚)ノワーイ Sakurai will be surely using his deep voice like Kansuke in Nise no chigiri xD and Wacchan just hnnng ⌒☆
    loove the storyline. I imagined Kuroshitsuji for some reason o_o;

  2. ASDFGHJKL *hyperventilates* Yandere Heaven Vol5, the series is continued, my life is almost complete (almost because it is continuing and I am happy and and and xD) And Sakurai, huh? I might introduce this to my OTHER friend, who loves DGM-Kanda and thus his voice....xDDDDDD

    Mwahaha, right now, I gotta inform my Yandere-loving friend...~

  3. @Alyyn: Ahahaha, your tumbler name even has yandere in it! *stalks you right back*

    D...don't mention Kuroshitsuji. That brings back memories of Sakurai as Claude, which means major bloodloss.

    @Celestie: Haha, you might want to check how bad the yandere is before you introduce it to a still pure soul ;)

  4. I got a special mention :)) I'm itching to hear Sugita-san again in the Oujisama (warai) series. Just love his Frog Prince character. Good thing he's going to be both on the 2nd vacation and IF CDs.

    S-Sakurai doing yandere?! H-holy sh- (wipes nose) now I've got a reason to finally listen to Yandere Heaven. :))

  5. Drama CDs to look forward to just don't run out! xD After Shuukan Soine this year another two CDs for Oujisama Warai on January. There's Kannou Mukashi Banashi too...waaaii~! (≧ω≦)

    Can I ask something though? Does Second vacation CD and Variety drama 2 refer to the same thing or are they different? ^^;

    Btw, I saved the Kakeru pic on your tumblr. I don't have an tumblr (yet) but I'd probably be checking on yours every now and then (・ω・) I hope you don't mind ^.^

  6. 2nd Vacation / Variety drama refer to the same thing, but the different titles make it confusing. The titles for the first and second CD are slightly different:

    王子様(笑)シリーズ バラエティドラマCD 1st Vacation
    Oujisama (warai) series Variety drama CD 1st Vacation
    王子様(笑)シリーズ バラエティドラマCD 2nd Season
    Oujisama (warai) series Variety drama CD 2nd Season.

    So going by the official title I can't call the 2nd CD a 'vacation CD', yet is it related to the first. And since I always called the first one 'vacation CD', I just don't know what to call the second one xD

    I'll stick with 'Variety drama' for now. Sorry for the confusion (=__=)

  7. I just got a reply from Frontier Works regarding the 'Hadaka no Oujisama' special drama CD (and special drama CD promotions in general): they don't ship it directly outside Japan. ;A;

    The only option for overseas clients to actually acquire special promo CDs (as they replied) is that if you know someone in Japan who can do the shipping for you. Oh well...

    Still anticipating for future Oujisama (Warai) releases though :D

  8. I was already afraid of that...

    I wish they would be so honoured that they would ship it here as well, but too bad :'(