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As you can see we've got a new, winter themed, layout! Maybe it is a little early to start with the snow crystals, but I like it xD  And now on to the rest of the news!!

Shuukan Soine
The cover image and voice sample for vol.11 (CV: Fukuyama Jun) has been uploaded on the official site, so go and listen if your curious! (note: depending on your connection the voice sample may take a while to load).

And the details page for vol. 12 (CV: Midorikawa Hikaru) is finally open too and has the cover illustration as well. And I have to say, it looks gorgeous! -EDIT- the preview voice has been uploaded as well. And I...I...I think I'm going to faint. Don't fade out with kissing sounds and rustling of the sheets!!! It makes me lose to much blood...!

Oujisama (warai) series
A new Oujisama (warai) drama CD is in the works!! 王子様(笑)シリーズ ドラマCD if ~王子様(笑)学園~ (Oujisama (warai) series drama CD if ~oujisama (warai) Gakuen~ will be released during the winter Comiket (2011.12.29).

Not much info is available yet, but from the title we can guess that this is going to be a "what if all the princes would be students at the same school" type of story. According to the official site all 9 princes + the servant (Takemoto Eiji) will be featured on the CD. I predict chaos! :D

Looking back at the webcomic, I now notice this was actually foreshadowed... there are 2 webcomics named oujisama (warai) gakuen (^-^;;)

The official site for Amemakura by Hituzigumo (who also made Kannou Jikan) is online. The concept behind Amemakura is that the rain is pouring down outside, but you and your boyfriend are cosy, sheltered from the rain. The sound of the rain and the sweet whispers of your boyfriend make you sleepy. In short, Amemakura is a sort of soine with the sound of rain in the background. Hence the 'makura' (pillow) in the title. And all of this is recorded with the dummy head mic. Three CDs have been announced so far:

In the first one with Subaru (CV: Tachibana Shinnosuke), you've just returned from going out to dinner and enjoying the winter illuminations and are sitting/lying on your bed drinking herb tea when it starts to rain outside. But inside, in the arms of your beloved it is warm and cosy and you start to feel drowsy. Subaru is described as "a bit forceful and straightforward", and judging from his last name (Warren), Subaru is half English? Release is planned on 2011.12.14

In the second one with Aoi (CV: Taniyama Kishou) you are on vacation(?) on an island when it starts to rain. The two of you take shelter in a empty house. And once again, in the arms of your beloved it is warm and cosy and you start to feel drowsy. Aoi is described as "romantic but manly" (wut?). Release is planned for 2012.01.18.

In the second one with Miki (CV: Hino Satoshi) you've just been to his birthday party, and afterwards he is giving you a tour of his house and the garden when it starts to rain and the two of you take shelter in one of the greenhouses (exactly how rich is that kid?). The fragrance of the plants and the sound of the rain on the roof make you feel drowsy, and the two of you fall asleep in the middle of the greenhouse. Miki is described as "cheerful and innocent". The CD will be released on 2012.02.08.

There are 3 more characters on the site: Ooya Taku, Fujimaru Seijirou, and Tounosawa Genki but the seiyuu for these characters haven't been announced yet, nor is there any official announcement for these CDs. Apparently they've been working on this project for quite some time, if you read the production blog, entries showing sketches of these character go as far back as November 2010! The character on the banner for Hituzigumo (found on the right in the rest of the banner madness) also looks a great deal like Subaru, hmmmmm.

Kannou Mukashi Banashi Portable
I haven't been able to open the official site for the longest time, but my firefox and the site have finally reconciled. So I went poking around the site and found two very interesting pieces of (old) news: The limited edition comes with a booklet and a drama CD called Kannou Gekijou: Momotarou. The clue is that all characters will be done by the characters from the game and in-character. So Issun Boushi plays Momotarou, for example.

And the pre-order bonus is another drama CD: Kitakaze to Taiyou (the north wind and the sun). Inoue Kazuhiko and Morikubo Shoutarou are listed as the seiyuu for this CD.

Are you Alice
No new main drama CDs (I can always dream) but the manga is still running, and the fifth vol. will have a limited edition that is coupled with a drama CD. You'll still have to have a bit of patience though, the release is set for 2012.01.25

Healing Stone
No cover image or character illustrations yet, but the seiyuu for Healing Stone 05 have been announced: Miyano Mamoru and Okiayu Ryoutarou.

Shiro Ari!!
What happens when you mix Snow White and Alice in Wonderland? I'm not sure either but there is a manga about it and that is turned into a drama CD. I haven't been able to find out what the story is about, but it sounds interesting, and to be honest, If something has 'Alice' in the title I'm already sold. Speaking of Alice, Suzumura Kenichi will be voicing the role of Alice. The rest of the cast is as follows: Snow White: Kugiyama Rie, Mad Hatter: Onosaka Masaya, March Hare: Yusa Kouji, Heart Jack: Yonaga Tsubasa, Cheshire Cat: Morikubo Shoutarou, Dormouse: Kaneda Tomoko, Magic Mirror: Terashima Takuma. The CD will be released on 2012.01.25.


  1. >< I love Midorikawa Hikaru deep voice compare to his annoying Yoh voice LOL" Sound like Akihiko from Persona 3 kinda...

  2. Yoh sounds even cuter than this imo though, this reminded me more of Hazuki Kei (from Tokimemo). That was seriously the image in my mind when I heard this. (I like Kei better too xD)

  3. Yay, more Oujisama (Warai)! I got into this series partly by reading your reviews, so thanks :D.

    I really am hooked to this series. My favorite so far is the 1st Vacation drama CD. Really anticipating for the upcoming releases (this includes the if~, 2nd Season, and whatever "Hadaka no Oujisama" is :D)

  4. Ha..Hadaka no Oujisama?!

    Do you know something that I've missed? Tell me more! :3

  5. I just read it on the paper on the CD spine when I bought the 1st Vacation Drama CD. With my limited kanji/kana knowledge, I read it's a special drama CD that will feature the 8 princes from 1st Vacation and 2nd Season... :D. Just the title itself is getting me excited (LOL)

    Would you like me to scan the paper and send it to you? You'd probably read it better than I do :). Here's my email: dlscriste@live.com