Warumono (warai) series: Okami ha tsurai yo

 わるもの(笑)シリーズ 狼はつらいよ

Company: Frontierworks
Based on: Fairytales
Released: 2011.10.26
Official Site: http://www.fwinc.co.jp/www/

After the Oujisama (warai) and Meisaku Bungaku (warai) series we now also have the Warumono (warai) series. This time the so called 'bad guys' are in the spotlight, and this is the second vol. which centres on the (big bad) wolf. First things first though: the jacket illustration!! *drools*  I'm sorry, I'll get back to reviewing...

What if the Wolf from Red Riding Hood, the 7 little Goats, and the Three Little Piggies was the same wolf?? That is the concept behind this CD. We start with the wolf (CV: Shimono Hiro), who is writing a letter to his mama mother about how well he is managing living on his own, only to break down crying saying that he hasn't managed to catch a single thing. Just at that moment Red Riding Hood (CV: Yoshino Hiroyuki) passes by. With a basket full of ingredients to make curry, and carrying a stun gun. And to top things off, Red Riding Hood is a HE.

After getting into a lot of trouble with Red Riding Hood the wolf sees Mother Goat leave her 7little kids behind to go shopping. And thus he tries to get in the house. The door is opened by one of the little goats (CV: Yasumoto Hiroki) and... no words can describe his. Picturing a little goat with that voice, it just doesn't work xD  Anyway, they eventually decide to play hide and seek, with the added difficulty that the entire house turns into a ninja-trapdoor-and-hidden-mechanic-mansion.

After turning completely vegetarian for a while after the that the wolf decides to eat the three little (gourmet) piggies. So he makes a phone call whether he can arrange an interview with them but the three of them have their own plans with the wolf as well... He first arrives at the house of the oldest (CV: Yasumoto Hiroki) where he is burried in herbs, then he arrives at the house of the second (CV: Yasumura Makoto) where they try to turn him into smoked wolf, and after surviving all that he arrives at the house of the youngest one (CV: Yoshino Hiroyuki) where they confess they wanted to try and cook him xD

As expected from the warai series, the stories are brilliantly transformed into something hilarious. Red Riding Hood being a male (delinquent), the much too mature sounding little goat, and the three little piggies trying too eat the wolf instead of the other way around. All of them were brilliant. Also, was that a Tiger and Bunny reference in the last story???

I loved Shimono-san his wolf. So cute. And no wonder he can't catch a thing if he gets distracted by how cute a rabbit is when it is hopping around xD Yasumoto-san his voice is to die for in any situation, and the three little piggies all just sound too sexy. I think I was going to say something insightful but I forgot.

The cast talk was ok. Shimono, Yasumoto and Yasumura are just fooling around and leave weird messages for Yoshino (who did his recording later). Although Yasumoto-san does talk a bit more serious about Yabu no Naka (which you really should listen to if you haven't yet!!).

The first vol. was already good, but I like this one even better! Although that might have something to do with Yasumoto-san his voice. I really really hope that they will make more entries to this series. (although I have no idea what kind of stories I'd like to hear).

Also, Shimono's wolf in no way matches the cover. But that is totally irrelevant as soon as I stare at the picture again.


  1. Before I listened to this, I was wondering how badass the wolf would sound like, judging by the image in the jacket.

    And then I pressed play...I was wrong. XD But in no way disappointed. Shimono-san played the wolf part really well (and cute!). Lately though, whenever I hear him, I'm always reminded of BakaTest and his role there... :)

  2. It was exactly the same for me. In the beginning (like the first few seconds xD) I was slightly confused because of the cover image, but I was able to form a new image and the CD is so good that it doesn't really matter.

    I really want this series to continue!

  3. The cover is deceiving alright...0///0 Shimono-san did a good job for portraying a cutely distressed wolf xD

    May I ask a favor...since you mentioned Yabu no Naka here I wonder if you could uh, also make a review for it (forgive my shamelessness ^^;) Thanks! ~_^

  4. Oops, I was convinced that I had already posted a review for it (I wrote one ages ago) but apparently not. Review for Yabu no Naka will be up next week :)