Ouritsu Ouji Gakuen vol.1: The Prince of Cinderella

王立王子学園 vol.1 シンデレラの王子様

Company: R45°project
Based on: Fairytales x School life
Released: 2011.09.15
Official Site: http://rpgakuen.com/

Ouritsu Ouji Gakuen (Royal Prince Gakuen, RPG for short) is a school where princes go in preparation of their future career as royalty. That means normal lessons, but also stuff like dancing lessons and other things you might need as royalty. Other than the fact that the entire student body are royal princes, it is a very normal school.

In this series you both spend time together with your main prince, as well as with multiple characters. Each CD features three princes, and you get to spend some quality time together with the 'main prince' as well as some -often funny- lively moments with all three.

This first vol. centres on Haibara Kouki (CV: Sakurai Takahiro) who represents the prince from Cinderella (the 'hai' in Haibara also means 'ash'). He has a very kind personality, and when you just arrive as transfer student he takes good care of you, showing you were everything is and explaining all kinds of things, even going as far as picking you up to go to school together.

It is obvious Haibara likes you, but he seems a bit hesitant at times. You've apparently met when you were both young, but you seems to have forgotten all about it, and Haibara is simply afraid that he will lose you again. And it seems like he doesn't remember everything himself as well, because when he finds a single shoe lying at the bottom of the stairs he has one of the weirdest reactions ever (causing many amusing comments from the other two princes Shirose Yukito (CV: Toriumi Kousuke) and Hiiragi Motochika (CV Kaji Yuuki).

The other two princes seem to like you as well. It feels a bit strange as the first time that they appear in a scene them they already cling to you, while there seems to be no prior contact. On the other hand, you are all classmates, so let's just assume you interacted with them there.

Haibara is a bit quick with clinging to you, but on the other hand you seem to be his first love from his childhood, so let's just forgive him that. Like I said he has a very kind and caring personality, but he also seems to missing the vital point at times, making him adorkable. The other two also have amusing personalities, Shirose is cold but pure hearted, and Hiiragi is very my-pace but can say the meanest things with a smile. The interaction between the three of them is very amusing to listen to.

The cast talk isn't very special. Apparently Sakurai kept mispronouncing things at the part where he goes into shoe-mania mode, but other than that it was a very generic talk.

The balance between the moments alone and with all three seems a bit off to me, but overall it was pretty nice. Although I like the parts where the three princes interact more than the moments with Haibara alone. Those are so pink and sugar coated that they might induce caries. And as much as I love Sakurai, these situation CDs don't seem to be his forte.

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