Kakumei no Hi


Company: Fairy Co. Ltd
Based on: Manga
Released: 2001.07.28

Kakumei no Hi (the day of the revolution) is a drama CD based on the manga of the same name by Tsuda Mikiyo. The protagonist of the story is Yoshikawa Kei (CV: Takeuchi Junko), who after having lived 18years as a man discovers that he is genetically a woman. Kei decides to surgically become a woman and live as a she from now on.

But that is of course harder than it seems, and Kei (now called Megumi) still acting and talking as a guy doesn't make things easier. Nor does the fact that he still goes to the same high school (although he starts as a first year again) which means running into his old friends. Who recognise him, and to make things more complicated, fall in love with him.

The story mostly centres on Kei coming to terms with the fact that he is female now, and his friends trying to pursue him. Toba Shuji (CV: Suzuki Chihiro), Tachimachi Tadashi (CV: Hasebe Kouichi), Shinmei Kazutoshi (CV: Chiba Susumu) and former classmate but now student council president Kawata Hiroaki (CV: Takemoto Eiji) all want to go out with Kei/Megumi, and they are rather forceful about it. Luckily Kei has Yutaka Makoto (CV: Takimoto Fujiko) who is there to help him have like a proper girl, however she is also trying to get Kei to date with one of his friends (because she believes that that would be easier than getting Kei to date a total stranger).

The story is pretty funny. The whole gender change isn't treated to series, as the main focus is just Kei his/her inability to act as a girl and his former friends falling in love with him. her. This is confusing. I read the manga a long time ago, and I think it follows the manga very acurately, although personally I find the manga better simply because of the hilarious visuals.

Takeuchi Junko her Kei/Megumi is really good. She perfectly captures the bratty Kei, and later Megumi who still acts and talks like a guy, but she can also sound extremely cute. The rest of the characters are ok but not really special. Makoto her bossing people around but being super protective of Kei is somehow endearing too.

The last track is a short side story about how Kawata came to hang out with the rest of Kei his friends. It turns out that when Kei was hospitalized (and left school without a word to his friends) they were all worries about Kei and their mutual interest in finding out what happened to him brought them together (to the extent that they backed Kawata his ambition to become student council president so that he could obtain more info on where Kei went from the shadows xD)

It is a pretty funny story, but I like the manga better because you've got the visuals of tomboyish Kei.Megumi acting silly. There is a second drama CD for the second vol. of the manga though, and I'm actually a little curious on how that is (because the story develops just a tiny bit more)

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