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Comiket 80 starts today, making me almost depressed about all the tokuten I am missing. I really really need to go someday. But as it is I'm not in Japan at the moment, and even if I were, I'm much to scared to go by myself xD

Oujisama (warai)
a rough sketch of the prince for the upcoming little mermaid story has been released. In the description they say that his character is "sweet", but for now his sketch looks everything but sweet to me. The first thing I thought was "another Cinderella?!".

Maybe he'll look sweet if he smiled a bit more (^-^;;)

Bokutachi otoko no ko
a mini drama will be released on the mobile distribution site Pocket Drama. The mini drama is called タマのドキドキ☆妄想デート (Tama no dokidoki☆mousou date, Tama his dokidok☆fantasy date) so I suppose Tama will be going on a date?! It is only distributed for mobile, so unless you have a Japanese phone there is sadly no way of listening to it.

Hougen Renai
it has been alarmingly silent on the webpage, but the official blog updated last Saturday that there will be news sometime soon. Does that mean, more Hougen Renai? I certainly hope so!
Apparently the staff have been meeting lately, but are having trouble finding 'a new direction'...

Hanasaku Iroha
it looks like the anime is getting a drama CD. According to the description there will be several short stories, each one centering on one of the shows main heroines. I have yet to watch the anime, but from what I've heard it seems to be a very good show :)

Kiss x Kiss
I've never listened to the series before, but I can't help but notice that the Kiss x Kiss series has already reached 18 volumes! On 2011.08.26 three new volumes will be released. The characters stealing our kisses this time are a writer (cv:Toriumi Kousuke), an aspiring actor (cv: Okamoto Nobuhiko) and a musician/radio host (cv: Morikubo Shoutarou).

I like the new cover design a lot! Not sure whether I'm going to listen though.

Ai aru Batou
short previews have been uploaded over at animate tv. The previews for the teacher and incubus tracks are already online, a preview for the owner and pet part will be uploaded on the 16th. To be honest, listening to this I don't know what to expect anymore...

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