Kareshi x Recipe Menu 1

カレシ×レシピ Menu-1

Company: AT-X
Based on: Cooking?
Released: 2009.03.20
Official Site: http://karecipe.com/

In Kareshi x Recipe your boyfriend teaches you how to cook! ... or at least teaches you two recipes. This first CD has you cooking Hamburgers and Creme Brule together with your boyfriend.

The CD starts with your boyfriend (CV: Ono Daisuke) checking whether he has bought all of the ingredients and whether everything is ready. After calling you to ask you to bring some demi-glace sauce because he forgot to but it, all that is left is to wait for you!

When you arrive you start to cook together, first making the creme brule, and after that the hamburgers. The creme brule is only one track, but making he hamburgers gets much more attention. Cutting the meat (you're making the minced meat yourself), unions, the sauce, the mushrooms for the sauce, everything has it's own track. Finally there are two tracks in which you eat the result of your hard work, one track in which you've succeeded, and a version where you failed.

Between explaining the recipe your boyfriend talks a lot, mostly sweet and very-much-in-love stuff. You can leave it to OnoD to act the part of perfect boyfriend. I loved the part where he nearly proposes to you, and then stops himself saying "this isn't something I should say while standing in front of pork-meat!".

As for the actual cooking, the recipes seem really tasty. I was paying too little attention to the actual cooking instructions and more to all the other talk so I didn't fully catch how to actually make the recipes though. However it does make me want to try it sometime. You can see pictures of the dishes on the website if you're curious.

The free talk was OK. OnoD saying that there were a lot of mistakes because his stomach made all kinds of noises (because the drama made him hungry) made me laugh. Other than that he talks about food that he often cooks.

I think you'd actually have to listen to this multiple times if you want to filter out the cooking instructions, but it actually does tell how the make the two included recipes. (luckily, the booklet has the recipe as well) Other than that it is simply a very cute CD. I actually think that cooking instead of another date CD was a pretty original and nice idea. And one day I am actually going to make this, because I'm curious how it will turn out.

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