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Mousou Este
Ever wondered what Noel was doing at a beauty clinic? Well, it turns out that he is an esthetician too! Or at least, in his dreams. The special CD ノエルの白昼夢 (noel no hakuchuumu, Noel his daydream) will be released during Comiket 80. If anyone is there and planning to get it, keep in mind that it will only be on sale during the second and third day!

                                             Yandere Heaven 4
Appearently they made a whole new site for yandere 4, no wonder they didn't add anything to the existing one *grumbles*. Ah well, at least that means there is an offical site. No preview or cast interview yet, but lots of other yandere goodness to look at.


Healing Stone vol.3
The first two entries to the series are still on my to-listen list, but vol.3 will feature Sakurai Takahiro (and Ishida Akira), so now I have to listen to them. How unfortunate. Vol.3 will be released on 2011.08.26. Official Site is here. It also says on the site that there will be 5 vol in total, but I'm probably just late with discovering that (^-^;;)

Warumono (warai) series
The full titles and partial cast for both Warumono (warai) CDs has been released: わるもの(笑)シリーズ 渡る世間は鬼だらけ (warumono (warai) series wataru seken ha onidarake, Warumono (warai) series  the world is full of demons) has Fujiwara Keiji listed as the Red Demon (from the Issun Boushi story). わるもの(笑)シリーズ 狼はつらいよ 肉☆欲 (warumono (warai) series ookami ha tsurai yo niku☆yoku, Warumono (warai) series wolves have a hard time carnal☆desire) has Hino Satoshi listed as the wolf.

ps: you should probably take 肉欲 (nikuyoku) literally as a hunger for flesh, but the word also means "lusts of the flesh".

Bokutachi Otoko no Ko
I'd almost forgotten all about this, but not completely so here we are. You can listen to sample tracks of the upcoming summer adventures of our crossdressing idols here, and to the right is the cover. The first press will have an extra cover, featuring the three of them in their swimsuit.

Brothers Conflict
The release dates for CD 2 and 3 have been published: 2011.11.23 and 2011.12.21 respectively. Other than that there is no new news...

No actual news, but they uploaded a picture of Ayumu in his crossdressing outfit which was just too cute. For those who are wondering what is going on here, go listen to the CD  xD

I wonder whether they will post an image of Chihiro being "more naked than usual" (like someone in the CD commented) as well? fufufufu....

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