Brother Android 03 - Guy

Brother Android 03 - Guy

This is the third of the four Brother Android CDs. This time your brother is named Guy (CV: Maeno Tomoaki). In the first track you (still as a child) receive Guy as a birthday present from your Parents. It turns out that your parents are never home, so in return they have sent you Guy to keep you company.

The CD shows scenes of your life with Guy, both when you were still a child and when you are older. In the beginning Guy is exactly like I would expect from an android; he acts almost solely on data and doesn't seem to understand feelings much. This does make him very honest, although a bit to straight forward at times xD

Guy actually notices your feelings for him, and is aware of his own feelings becoming more than brotherly but tries his best to remain just your 'brother'. This results in him keeping some distance with you in a clumsy way. After a talk with you he stops acting distant, but he does keep remembering you that he is your brother.

This situation makes the CD somewhat bittersweet. Even though you are together, Guy reminds you that he is only your brother. I liked this entry a lot. You can really notice that Guy sounds like an android in the beginning and more like a 'person' in the end. On a side note; his fascination with house hold appliances is really funny.

The concept itself remains interesting, and this entry is a bit different thanks to it being bittersweet. On the other hand that did leave me with a slightly sad feeling when it ended.

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