Are you Alice? - Alice Khz.2

Are you Alice - Alice Khz.2

This is one of the Are you Alice? bonus drama's. Like the previous Alice Khz this one is set as a radio show, this time hosted by Alice (the female one). The show starts with Alice denying that there was a similar radio show a little while ago and calling it a broadcast accident. While it once again parodies radio shows it also parodies the first Alice Khz.

Alice (female) her personality makes about as much a reversal as Alice his own personality. When the Mad Hatter and the Cheshire Cat enter the show it turns all the more weird. BL jokes all over the place.

Alice (female) tries to see BL relations in everything, even making a corner in which the listeners can send in their own speculations about who Alice will end up with, and eventually turning the radio show into a show hosted by Alice (male) and the Mad Hatter with heavy BL hints.

Randomness as always with the bonus drama's. This one abbandons the radio show setting a lot faster than the first one, all the more non-sensical conversations and BL jokes though. I enjoyed the first one more, but this one is still brilliant.

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  1. I understand your report and about the CD.Then I'd like to listen to the CD!but it' s difficult to get it....anyway your report is interesting!!